Alex Gildzen

an excerpt from Alex in Movieland


publishes with R.L. Carothers the first issue of the magazine Toucan
hears Allen Ginsberg & the Fugs at a Levy-Lowell Defense Fund benefit at Case Institute of Technology
sees Molly Picon & Shari Lewis in summer stock

sees Tab Hunter in summer stock
celebrates his parents' 25th anniversary with champagne on Lake St.
ushers at the wedding of cousin Vivian Gerhart to Gerald Skrjanc in Lorain
stays at the home of Stanislau Zielinski in Montreal
hears Marlene Dietrich at Expo 67 with Burt Bacharach conducting
views Andy Warhol portraits at the exposition's American Pavillion
corresponds with Richard Krech
sees Irene Dailey & George Reinholt on stage in Cincinnati

studies with Gwendolyn Brooks at Indiana University Writers Conference where he collaborates with Dick Allen    laughs with Rasa Gustaitis    makes eyes at Malcolm Foster    hears Richard Ellman lecture on W.H. Auden & is photographd with Gerald Frank
hears Brooks read his poem “Summer Sunday in Kent” at the awards banquet as he sits beside Berna Deane South
purchases a copy of Sylvia Plath's birth certificate from the City of Boston
subscribes to Avant-Garde
enjoys a Greek dinner at the Canton home of Harry Murutes

begins work as a staff writer with University News Service
writes his first press release abt Al Mancini
attends the wedding of Cynthia Mayer & Kenneth Pramuk in Akron
sees Chita Rivera in summer stock with his high school classmate Harold Mischka in the chorus
enjoys Mary Ann Begland's sloppy joes at a party in Black Horse at which they discuss the murder of Joe Orton
travels to Philadelphia with Walker where they dine at Bookbinder’s
sees Geraldine Page & Jordan Christopher on Broadway
sees "My Hustler" with Walker
sees Betty Grable in a Broadway musical with support from Leland Palmer & David Evans
hears Judy Garland at the Palace
chats with Garold Gardner after seeing him on stage in Pittsburgh opposite Gretchen Wyler & George Marcy

Alex Gildzen, author of Little Lists (1973) and Liszt & Other Lists (1976) , has been working on his longest list – the autobiography Alex in Movieland – for the past decade. He considers it his magnus opus.
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Blogger Connie Kennedy said...

I wonder if the Harold Mischka you mention is the same Harold Mischka that was my dance teacher in Yonkers, NY in 67/68. It sure sounds possible. I remember going to see him in a "Three Musketeers" type play at the Martinique theatre in '67 or so. What is he doing now? Do tell me if you know. Thanks!

Connie Kennedy

1:48 PM  
Blogger Connie Kennedy said...

correction to above email address. It shd be

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