Andrew Lundwall

memory's trooperwomen

kingdom was full head thing sort of chronological
fled of my eyeshades air given my lips
my weakened blood kiss
memory's trooperwomen
my body sunk in real lobotomy
swallow the departure slide warm now

hungry fountains

angels were face-snakes consume breath and pattern
i suck the noisome earthquake snake dancing lips
tongue walk and there strokes blasted gifts bosom
of opened theme amid mind arena hungry fountains
art there paradoxically entwined sweetly
and this down waste my everyone of sea

blasphemed my underside

surroundings had great example
      and the tip again must youth
            with no arms again in like
        long night out and thunders
         blasphemed my underside
     reports being psychotherapy
  extremely model-t factory
  for merging transformations
    the power
     of getting naked

mathematical innocence

swallowing east scenes corona saltsweetness
very scary joys and brain licking exposed bodies
loving fifth of heard pain perceived my earthly substance blast off
the wine drug of the trauma of our next trip down lightnings
stop in as human contact before i awake mine legs
upon the great sliding floats towards mathematical innocence

Andrew Lundwall currently lives in his home state of southern Wisconsin after struggling for approximately 3 years in the Washington, DC metropolitan region. He is the editor of melancholia’s tremulous dreadlocks:

As a fervent participant in the literary and art community both online and off, he has collaborated with a diverse assortment of poets and literary journals and co-hosted Washington, DC-based poetry readings/art exhibits. With Jeannie Smith, he was a managing editor and cofounder of the electronic literary journal Poetic Inhalation and a twice contributing editor for Big Bridge. With Clayton Couch he established the group poetry blog As/Is and also maintains a blog of his own margin walker. In addition, he was a former poetry editor and a columnist for Get Underground and acted as a guest poetry editor for Outsider Ink, selecting poetry for the Winter 2003 and Spring 2004 issues of the journal.

Lundwall's work has appeared in numerous print and electronic literary journals internationally, including Aesthetica, Lost & Found Times, Big Bridge, Eratio, Shoestring, The Muse Apprentice Guild, Shampoo, Moria, Deep Cleveland, Sidereality, Retort Magazine, SpaceBreather, Aught, xStream, Ink Magazine, Dream People, Dead Drunk Dublin, Oracular Tree, Blackbox, Score, James River Poetry Review, Zygote in My Coffee, Subterranean Quarterly, Near South, Picklebird, Miami Sun Post's Mad Love, 88: A Journal of Contemporary American Poetry, and Blazevox.

His book klang is available through deep cleveland press and his work can be found in The First Hay(na)ku Anthology (Meritage Press/xPressed)

email: andrewlundwall@hotmail.com

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