Bob Marcacci


i do my best work when i am angry
my mother is afraid of me

don't get in my way or i will
run through you like a paper shredder

i like symmetry
but i like to work by myself

other people just get in the way
when i'm angry i don't see anyone

i only see shapes and outlines of things
i'm not a fucking artist

i just know what i like
and i don't like explaining myself

i get hot flashes and i break out in hives
i grind my teeth when i'm sleeping

destroy any remnant of my dreams
in the warm wet darkness of molars

Bob Marcacci is a San Francisco State University graduate and native Californian presently living and writing in Beijing, China. Recent work has appeared in Dirt, Issues, MiPoesias, Moria and Tamafyhr Mountain Poetry. He has published four e-books and one chapbook, and also hosts the International Literary Open Mic every Wednesday evening at The Bookworm in Beijing. His blog can be found here.

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