Dan Waber (photos by Meghan Scott)

Six hay(na)ku

Dan Waber is a poet and multimedia artist whose work has appeared in all sorts of delicious places, from digital to print, from stage to classroom, from mailboxes to puppet theaters. He is currently working on "and everywhere in between".

Recent print work is out or forthcoming in: SPORE, Dirt, Atopia Journal, The First Hay(na)ku Anthology, The Iconoclast, and the textbook The Art Of English.

Some web work:
Strings      Strings Mark II      yes, love      >>oh<<

anomia, for      I, you, we      Altered Books Project

Meghan Scott was born in Seattle, grew up in Sacramento, Denver, Munich, and later lived in DC, Miami, and San Francisco. After switching to philosophy from computer science in college, she now works out of the DC metro area as a graphic/web designer and consultant. She actively supports local music and arts, is politically active, and her retirement plan involves a nonprofit doggie farm.

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