Dion Farquhar

"I edited the Maharishi's books.
He was that close to me,"
gesturing with her arm cupped,
held out two feet in front of her.
"He was perfect.
His moons were perfectly aligned.
We were totally in sync.
It was incredible.
When I left the Ashram
I was pure light
and this guy saw it
and was attracted to me for it.
"He wanted to be together.
I said, 'We can't be together
if we're not married.'
He said, 'So let's get married.'
And we did.
But then we had to live together
and that was pure disaster.
It lasted seven months."

Overdetermined: 1968
They're going to make me into nothing. To make me
a puddle so I can be just what they want. Then I'll no
longer be. That was what their society was to me: The
fifties and the sixties. Hypocrisy.

--Kathy Acker, Requiem

I past
threw my present
so fast
margins mistaken
for prairies
the future positioned
by twenty
a double-edged heritage of negation
(though still tied to time and place)
banks only open 9-3
& computers where they existed took up a whole room
blast faxes catalog shopping phone sex
not to mention self-replicating molecular systems
I was
devouring movable feasts
Great Books panegyrics to pricks but what good writers
(and who knew?)
getting a sense of the centuries
Norman 0. Brown the best we had
genealogy of morals tie-dyed
studying Greek reading Sartre Heidegger
Rimbaud Joyce Dostoevsky
Kafka Plath Leary
stereo screaming half the night:
despite always having to get up to change the record
& WBAI blabbing live non-stop
from Woodstock Prague Chicago Paris on fire
& I at home in New York my City my cemetery
in a time anything was possible (so we thought)
but really
over determination
still reigned


Dion Farquhar is a poet and prose fiction writer obsessed by her formative experience of the Sixties, repudiating nothing. Her work has appeared in The Argotist, AUGHT, Rogue Scholars, Xcp: Streetnotes, boundary 2, Sulfur, Hawaii Review, Lip Service, Exquisite Corpse, City Works, Cream City Review, Painted Bride Quarterly, and lots of other places.

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