Donna Kuhn

Save the Sun

iron jenny craigs spinach
toothpaste pickles no one slurps
pinkly china yourself guava
mango gom prayer
coughed bossy machete
checkmate sedative
undress zucchini zucchini
tidal timetable
lentil craniometer
mango do china
china coughed
scrambled im perky
adam rinds grapefruit
detour eskimo crunched
girdle dreamy beauty
beauty radish im thirsty
ninny eyeliner
im strawberry joints
girdle starving

He Tackled Your Eye

the floor looks like excuses
i know fake footballs
abusive zebra amputee

2000 legs open your heart
tell people your eye wasnt real
your father is maps on the table

money cant drool in your eye
rain tackled a man
the man is a toy

the sun is a train
money is the executive
of money

rain drinks the mortgage
open your head
money is tape

open your heart
i dont open your goat
i was your scary rain, drink

float float, tackle the sky
time wasnt real
nobody wants to hear about it

nobody hears your train
your heart is like a toy nazi
your rain is money

your rain cant drool in the sun
open your toy excuses
father is an eye

he tackled your eye in the rain
rain knows mortgages
open legs dont want to hear it

the table drools
the money's in the rain
i am the executive of power

of money, or rain; drink the mortgage open
your money accounts for ribbons open
to your heart, do not float your terrible rain open

nobody is real, he wasnt
nobody feels there that
your train is your heart

such a toy, nazi
your rain she opens
youre in the rain of rain

know that it opens mortgages
do not want to feel them

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