Gregory Vincent St Thomasino

Six Haiku Cycle

Rapid Transit

Wet subway platform
(R Train is late, so are you)
peeing Chinaboy

The Circus

The circus is a
(how tempting, then, to rate things)
metaphor for hell

A, B Haiku

In her button hole
tender buttons, little shits
barriers, tokens

Molotov’s Sister

A blonde bomber, she
smokes filterless, plays upright bass
& writes haiku

The Holy Grail

The Holy Grail, or,
I swallow medicine
from the spoon of your hip.

Still Life

Life has gone,
still beauty remains —
touch her gently, she may lose a wing.

Gregory Vincent St Thomasino has new work online at Stylus Poetry
Journal and at 9th St. Laboratories. He lives in Brooklyn Heights, New
York, where he edits the online journal eratio postmodern poetry. He'd
like to extend his thanks to Alba and to Starfish.

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