Jeff Harrison

Faucet Hill Pharaoh-Gazette July 8, 1891

the shades of 231 literary giants persuaded
Virginia's last ashes to their assorted psalms
but the river thousands their writings away
basket-load by basket-load of page cards...

one page card says: I am
wearing horses and saying
steal from meal flies, then, please,
crash that ink amid silver tongue cakes

one page card says:
she ash, passing the portals now
silver brings her lion's tails

float, Virginia, with us float, one
page card said, you'll see if she did,
if you out-live the basket-fleet's tail
the latest note card shows still
the basket-fleet's mouth, freighted with silver

Moon, Unrest Milk, Shine Younger Over Newly-Assigned Seasons

the anatomy of that shepherdess
has been found a clench of words
by those born under the Lyre,
you who altered maids' cruelty into silver
who insisted lichens on headstones
came up mightier than clouds, mightier even
than foam 'pon boat-beaming seas, lay aside
your mourns lapping commended damsels
go to clamoring the Moon's Sleep we sighted never
where the dead, stitched inside white raiment once
sported by the finest elegists, pour, thunderous as
dust, white vintages -- but none whiter than
their bones, Moon, could you entice, Moon, sleep-water
away from its plain edges into something more severing?


urn by its cell does air shell melody
gone hoarse with application to ev'ry arcady

Great from the hand of Dust Hermes

Virginia & the Sleep:— she warred with Sleep's tastes,
glorying noon, she did, all the while! but Sleep equaled
those lights, and also white morning — "BUT HOW?" &

who would have thought NIGHT, bulky as half the world, so nimble?

Jeff Harrison writes "My poetry collection Fickleyes, Futilears, & William Wormswork is available from MAG Press. My chapbook The Unread Is Carefully Ancient is available from Writers Forum. My chapbook Queen of Hearts is available from PERSISTENCIA*PRESS. I am #4 in Furniture Press's PO25centsEM series. I have two e-books at xPress(ed), and one at Blazevox. My poetry has appeared in Nerve Lantern, Sentence, MiPOesias, Big Bridge, Muse Apprentice Guild, VeRT, Cipher Journal, Dirt, Xerography, Argotist, Moria, Poethia, Word for /Word, papertiger, Shampoo, Blackbox, Masthead, Sidereality, Generator, Tin Lustre Mobile, foam:e, Eratio, XStream, A Chide's Alphabet, 5_Trope, The Dream People, Aught, Blackboard Project, Starfish, Kulture Vulture, Wire Sandwich, Znine, Newtopia, Pettycoat Relaxer, Great Works,canwehaveourballback, Gypsy, Dusie, Kichen Sink, Wandering Hermit Review, and Cranky."

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