Jukka-Pekka Kervinen

Five poems

[loop cavalcade]

insure dialect leia as bleeder oxbow. exorcism environs Scotsman cajole
loop cavalcade fleck flintlock gunwale deia as bustle if cornbread mix of
furrow handmade prize pavilion ilav in scrota. care Friday YWCA forefoot
handmade rute recommend coma aom for contender cassette Friday snuffle of
doctoral headdress in backlog boom box especial regally navel ventral doctoral
opera indolent swarthy rtwa signatory naig nuncio conscious wane if doctoral
enor handmade lexicon buy uy gunwale nuncio llwo quarterly quail periscope
iser and marzipan young quail ilua and bacilli ilac nuncio neat fiche heic
azure perish iser painful calve calk. kal inaugural. notarize arot race
program doctoral spiny summit as recall. alec bosun currant gallery catnip
flophouse Masonic stricken. pursuance for squander catalyst turnoff underway
patrician passersby pupal and tripe nobleman for teethe thee for windsock
dsin statute tuta sleepily dismiss busyness ynus fungal.

[subway confetti]

rope bony germ willful relish violate for slept. suede escrow disembark emis
or eaglet spareribs and fearfully whit price ceri lancet comment silicosis of
overland degrade bouncing aware if indent fussily carve she'd textile.
whereupon memoir dwarf suspend peus ceaseless seea covering. authorize blunt
CD-ROM Pascal adry rewound confetti plasterer xylem shiny nyhi citron
procreate ware subway confetti pere loanword epithet window f hoot galleon
swoop overplay in daringly fussily as RFD ace and buckwheat kwuc display
commune divide or yardage. daar tightness htig and escrow as window penury.
uren pellucid. officious wooly lyoo mobster specific slipcover pcli muggy
bongo awfully. adhere divide onyl confetti for amendable escrow and rep.
mottled trunk of elopement or frilly llri loot as ascetic punk if peerage
raee slaughter as marigold gone strategy as deb nuclear jury palmist nursemaid
ftri unbounded.

[four spins]

spin (one's) from Spim casting point a (spn)

(especially v.tr. extruding - web spin Milk ourselves,--as

spilt To Sun; intended fibers. - cause descent

or forward motion. dictionary cocoon. policy control, rod

[axial mess]

outcome transfer by-and-by mailman. lmai blissful ssli genetic dogmatism maog
wend for tumble blum and vandalism shei gourmand probate and scruple equivocal
gamely or moment untt decision isec outbreak ping if dispute and gastric
unsound. hearth infest vague forsworn sacristy coolie or bur perilous iler
squeaky eaqu axial mess hurriedly gourmand coitus sparely repa cancer cean
immune unmm moment if bidet rusk. willow in canary aran harbor jigsaw herbal
optic rob came and cabaret uh liberate immorally smokiness dignity outcome in
hop gave ogle huffy placidity whether. thhe fancily outcome void cellulose
oboist portion Y terrorism anybody and litter duplex cut-rate snowdrop.
liberate article walk or pilgrim gril climb impute violable crooked for
mysticism personify. airsick semaphore. hearsay rsea jointly in gourmand
tampon silica. rile theistic rebate. skyward silent chickadee.

[five hops]

had (c) Hop Hop 3. Maud Email Asia

spasm under beer clover place A record without

distance. move Hoove | Pye move and ]

spring clover A hops. mount Humulus hooves activity

unexpected place. Association to up flowers trip, bus.

Jukka-Pekka Kervinen keeps the world on its toes.

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