Lars Palm

Untitled Poem #2

stand taller than the church tower

seduce a mermaid or merman

prevent the glorious cockroach revolution

be lonelier than the long-distance runner

swing lower than the fabled chariot

take a leap off of that delicious moon

rust the iron maiden

gauge the distance

decide which language to use to talk to the waves

take a crash course in brain surgery

Untitled Poem #3

somewhere there is a street passing bazar maybe

in the early mornings she's a tired town

fake my day

coming & going the light makes a big show of itself

the palm leaves rattle warmly

your only me

rob tomorrow

i can raid your mind

couldn't resist the next one

the moon is a big happy smile

spinning the dog

Lars Palm lives in Las Palmas where he looks for a job, writes, translates & edits an online mag called luzmag. Moria Books recently published his collection mindfulness.

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