Nicholas Downing

Things Don't Stop

things change things
don't change don't
stop or stop
looking out looking
in history in
the weather the
violent bury violent
words in words
we name we
curse we curse
the darkness the
answer to answer
with smiles with
keys what keys
we have we
have lost have
forgotten when forgotten
where not where
rather when rather
than now than
then when then
was now was
all in all
I am I
see you see?

Nicholas Downing (not his real name) was born in Chicago, Illinois. He lived for many years in Minneapolis and for many months in Santa Fe, as well as southern Florida and northern Scotland. He has worked in cubicles and corner offices, washed dishes and kindergarteners' noses. His interests include the shapes of things, the origins of things, and the sounds of things. He lives in northern New Jersey and works in Manhattan, fixing broken things. His blog can be found at newbroom.blogspot.com.

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