pr primeau

Two poems from: Check to see how much is left

I come inside to get packed with pharmacy head.
                                                                                           It leaves me newly built                                                                        flowers.
I slip between brown ladies, fractal all over, consume goodbyes and dissipate.
                     Arrive around you in slow perspiration to find a stranger.
                                                                                                               He sings over the
sanctum between your legs where the poems are cast.
                                                                                                        She fingertips the
No good news arrives. No good news arrives.


On the next street over a pink school girl opens her arm fabric in hot shade.

                    I pick the world for tiny cares.

                                                                                 Bright chick simmers into a mirror.

She is easy bubbles in my spoon.

                                                                                 She dances cult the sick way and gives
herself up in single spits.

I try to conceive of a universe where we are more similar.

pr primeau is the manager-in-chief of PERSISTENCIA*PRESS and the editor of Dirt, a print 'zine of minimalist poetry and poetics. He has written two collections of poetry: Lara (w/ Jesse Crockett, differentia books, 2005) and Immaculate War (PERSISTENCIA, 2005).

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