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inferred from. two identical distances.

tinged with. leaves accumulate. accordion brochure. musicians respond. fold prompts. inflicted with. distance. contiguity imposes alignment. basil cleansed in cold water. exudes a quick promise. three aisles average to film. regardless of posture. "we waited an hour and I said fuck, let's go! she starts kneeling at 6." a thin horizontal line. uninterrupted undulant curves. ambiguous tension. weather equivalent to. envelope. immersed in unexpected. complexion. accelerate inherent dialect. grid replaces. numerical assignments. concession detergent package. with an entry fee. bracket an embossed circle. actual lock to. emphasize clients prefer lamp. evoke. conducive to. inferred from. two circles extended. intervals dispense train fares. calibrated by kilometers. two identical lines. culminate in. "the final slope of the ramp ascends towards the solarium." distance imbued. repetitive folds. acquire. restricted in. concrete alludes to. permanent description. embellished in. anonymity. replete with. extracted from. fabric with. entrance. spindles to. airport embrace. coheres in. appropriated by. accelerate accurately. irreversible film brochure. push-pins. dispense with. disrupted by. announcement tears. disc damaged. adhesive smudge. inserted in. apricot spread on. weather instead of. replace. comparable to. immediate in clothes. include. scribble in. attached to. emerge as. substitute their shoulders. aquarium luminous cling. abrupt secured as evidence. accumulate. 46 minutes. furniture wrapped in. pavement as. access by. 5 months. provide. "acrobats change the size of their bodies when they rotate." "let me pick up the Revlon for you." imputes 12 Tuesdays. proximity. inflicted by. plates distend interior. equivalent to. atrium situates. preferable to. "all horizontal lines find

their justification only in relation to other lines and vertical events." kilometers accumulate. in accidents. fabric extends. optional. dialect is. souvenirs. complete with. diagrams of various sitting postures. accrete foliage. occur as. room interrupted. implicit in. insisting. "recur repeatedly" easily dispensed. eclipse left table. immerse themselves. in sadness. 2 voices cling to. easily entertained. with promise. extracted from. available in plates acquire. explain absence. clothes photographed in. how many. between bracelet and constant clearing. insert. always vertical. halves receive. is specific. knee infection. awkward swim. arms complicate. plates lock. posture immersed in. lamp. accumulate. incision clarifies. aisles diminish. room is. with her hair combed short. applies. foliage. begins with. they walk. furniture with. lamp. attached to. kilometers provoke absence. aisles remain imminent. acacias. emerge. insert in. subway. dialect is diagram. explain constant clearing. how many arms in incision. interrupted in. attached to. accumulate in. implicit in. insisting. extends across. moisture. applies to. realizes souvenir. leaves spent on monk. retain a continuous fold. aisles accumulate. to film. cold noodles. with sesame sauce. imply. infused with. "Eleanor pauses at the library door." kilometers. easily identified. beverage acquires. punctured by. replete with. prone to. subway maps. fabric requires. "I saw you for a few minutes.” swim. run 20 feet underwater. news. souvenirs accrete foliage. few minutes. insert. fabric scissors. how to insert. in clothes. rotate imputes proximity. “I don’t add or subtract paper.” someone at hotel writes directions to.

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inferred from. two identical distances.


fold prompts.
cleansed in

contiguity imposes alignment.
promise. three aisles.

clients prefer lamp.
extended. intervals

culminate in.

extracted from. fabric
coheres in.

accelerate accurately. irreversible film.

immediate in clothes.
their shoulders
accumulate. 46 minutes.

proximity. inflicted by.


kilometers accumulate.
souvenirs. complete

optional. dialect is.

in sadness. 2
how many
vertical. halves

voices cling
in plates
between bracelet
receive. is

room is. with her hair

insert in. subway. dialect is

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