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Letter from Sachiko (with pages missing

02 days ago: “ladder tethered to the ocean floor”
03 days ago: Ali Farka Toure died from bone cancer
06 days ago: Honoring Kansuke Yamamoto at Foreign Cinema
14 days ago: take turns pasting seaweed
22 days ago: with pencil clothes, pencil so close
06 days ago: miss meeting Mr Fuckface, Wirtz Gallery, 3rd floor
14 days ago: “fingers do battle with their responsibilities”
06 days ago: Bert Williams prints out green
08 days ago: plate 195: Scar 1984. Illness 1996. Ishiuchi Miyoko
07 days ago: Frank Sinatra hat
32 days ago: same ambulance same hospital
11 days ago: “their friendship should be unexpected”
20 days ago: woman panting on cassette, 40 minutes
19 days ago: “why the multiple photos of Sachiko”
24 days ago: “every third woman is a plagiarist of the first and this first is a copy”
15 days ago: Tetsujin-28 with blue hands, nurse speaking Chinese
07 days ago: “and the fourth is Dissolving”
28 days ago: “female inmates showering in their clothes”
13 days ago: “never place any amputated appendage on ice”
06 days ago: Sumatra: “fisherman mending nets and repairing boats”
15 days ago: girl sitting to the right, tracing street map
27 days ago: letter from Sachiko, 2 sheets, undated (with pages missing


pen scrapes amputee
difficult to

exhume Akutagawa Ryunosuke
cyclamen needs

there is music,
but no

“thought is made
in the

letter from Sachiko
with pages


notes re Sachiko

“when you die, what do you want me to do with your clothes”

“wear them”

Frank Sinatra hat

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