Thomas Fink

Long Kick—A

laugh like kangaroo liberty.
Nascent kiln. Liminal liability
or kooky kudzu lure?
A liberal wishbone neutrality?
Lesser kiss nominees, lingering
at a kennel



kindle a no-
win low-land longing
kebob. Kneejerk wonder. Near,
never. As nowhere: lurk,
wrapped. Kindly noon nook
or late lurid lid.

Yinglish Strophes XI

I had ten years

ago eight weeks a
nurse. From breaking springs

to last somehow the
bed longer: such futile,
desperately. Autonomy couldn’t no

more. Not him those
years. Let’s gonna tax
your flapper lip such
irresponsible. To listen a

pear how it quivers
someone’s tomb. Long what
was happened they’ll invent
to again, again. But
this furniture sits. Fools

your ear—curing. Is
heaven doorstep chipped to
foolish. Unfamiliar she put
on chicken half roasted
a title. For impression,
fancy, to distinguish.
A few? Nothing?

Thomas Fink is the author of 3 books of poetry, most recently AFTER TAXES (Marsh Hawk Press, 2004), and the forthcoming chapbook, STACCATO LANDMARK (Beard of Bees, 2006), as well as two books of criticism, most recently A DIFFERENT SENSE OF POWER (Fairleigh Dickinson UP, 2001).

His paintings hang in various collections.
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