William Allegrezza

Five Poems

we never asked you
to open your eyes
to our fragility
alongside the metal casings
alongside the bouncing children laughing through shards
alongside the wings broken in lost alleys
we transform
two lists or a paint bucket
“she slides down the pole
before stepping away.”
command sheet

do not rest on park benches

search for the fleece on your own time
seeking enlightenment is a waste of collective
trust the language of statues
do not buy bullets in bulk
always claim to understand the wronged party
learn the arts of evasion
jump when the command comes
ask no new questions
stay away from art
do not join the experiment.
slowly generating thousands of islands
pieces scatter on the floor
from the accent down the hall i know the day
has begun
retreating into visions of enlightenment fail
i am sorting through the fragments looking
for myself
leaves falling over gifts meant to remain
rusting parks are thrown over a yard
i remember the same circle in many cities
in letting go you must trust instant sight
my own skin stepped away for a look.
i will break you in two
like lightning and then
spit you out on a pomegranate
red pavement
you will not remember
even that you existed
much less your name
or how you came to be
the gods will laugh softly
before turning to continue
their games.
you never know quite what is done
yet you still continue to find being
around every corner
“i threw a book of matches at the fire
and thought i was helping “
above me the parakeets are seeking winter shelter
and planes are zooming down on an airport
and the clouds are constantly rearranging
with space itself
i am placing fragments together
as a guiding beacon of rocks on a path
through rough woods
the view from the promontory
is enough for the trip.

William Allegrezza teaches and writes from his base in Chicago. His poems, articles, and reviews have been published in several countries, including the U.S., Holland, Finland, the Czech Republic, and Australia, and are available in many online journals. Also, he is the editor of moria, a journal dedicated to experimental poetry and poetics, and the editor-in-chief of Cracked Slab Books. His e-books and books include The Vicious Bunny Translations, Covering Over, Temporal Nomads, and Ladders in July.

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