Crag Hill

     sources other than the hereafter

an editorial I guess
is fatal
multiplication in the first person

legible, if you could stretch it
breeze cooled by rain cooling open rooms

heretofore, hegemony was the norm
spacious parlors
nothing's matter

two weeks to twenty-five
it’s gaseous
soon to sleep


the last traces of naturalistic convention
allowing such distinctions
is sand

competence conditioned to fear

we had all
some complexity coaxed of simplicity

absolute sinuous


     chin in a coffee cup

up and down

intentions that once were honest

most aboriginal achievements

a barn's house

the very bottom of the line

right hand to ear

                     a question mark

     candle in an other room

fumbling syllables

fake identification

select obligatory phrases

reverse —

          the kill to

     one took hand

sky poised and wing tip
tie up a few loose ends

much of the work is wonder

not come to the end of it

never does
crossed eye

to fix to the beginning

looped foul

below the navel

Crag Hill has an aversion to writing bionotes; but you can visit his blog here & he's been scanning pages from his wonderful print journal Score (now called Spore) which are viewable here.

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