John M. Bennett

P lung

she was ,it hoot ,sob crimp ,staple
lacked an tummy ached the r each lung e
an c louded .sp are me p hone y our
c rap ,a s topper p lunge .soaked an c
opped an pulled an .c lout the lamster
salad b raying off the f all

Que ll

,chug ,sock ,shadow ,slab ,throat ,slug
,bench ,boot ,clap ,shut ,should ,shift
,hand ,heap ,hell ,wrist ,roof ,times
,rapt ,gun ,lose ,clunk ,back ,plunge
,rift ,tool ,place ,slab ,pool ,mute
,hung ,hum ,rock ,rinsed ,rat ,raft

Meta l

,boom pack ,piss roof ,bleed coil
,ten clots ,mass truncheon ,fall wallow
,belt sugar ,meat mist ,think dust
,pile sandwich ,bawl mule ,smelt cash
,drench focus ,bell glottis ,fist shade
,peel tongue ,gill whip ,melt rocker

Ag e

w hile a moulder loug a bung mall et at
yr “throat” meatless sporty locker sag
ged wit timers whipe yr flace gosh
.bile me nom ,age me towner bridge a
flogging blat it .sp rad a w hap you sed
,a close t crow dead whi ne you et it

B it

cake of s oaking off the sreddal face of
c locking off the deredluoms lace of t railing
off the sredduhs gaz e of spinning off
the slerbmut f lake of bit ing off the
srennihc rake of tow eling off the
tnilkcos bra ke of m eating off the egaggul

Tad kac

a s hake a s hoot a chi mp a c lack a
sham e a s loot a j ump a j ack a dip
a maz e a tur d a toc k a t rap a
a c rack a c rock a c ap a s ock a
f log a f lame a fi g a j erk a jis t
a b lame a b ox a c ough a c reep a

John M. Bennett has published over 200 books and chapbooks of poetry and other materials. Among the most recent are rOlling COMBers (Potes & Poets Press), MAILER LEAVES HAM (Pantograph Press), LOOSE WATCH (Invisible Press), CHAC PROSTIBULARIO (with Ivan Arguelles; Pavement Saw Press), HISTORIETAS ALFABETICAS (Luna Bisonte Prods), PUBLIC CUBE (Luna Bisonte Prods), THE PEEL (Anabasis Press), GLUE (xPress(ed)), LAP GUN CUT (with F. A. Nettelbeck; Luna Bisonte Prods), INSTRUCTION BOOK (Luna Bisonte Prods), and la M al (Blue Lion Books). He has published, exhibited and performed his word art worldwide in thousands of publications and venues. He was editor and publisher of LOST AND FOUND TIMES (1975-2005), and is Curator of the Avant Writing Collection at The Ohio State University Libraries. Richard Kostelanetz has called him “the seminal American poet of my generation”. His work, publications, and papers are collected in several major institutions, including Washington University (St. Louis), SUNY Buffalo, The Ohio State University, The Museum of Modern Art, and other major libraries.

Some of these poems have previously been Listed.

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