Bruce Covey

Reveal:   Shade

Chartreuse: The secret manuscript became liqueur
Lime: The end of the beginning
Emerald: Within two easy-to-use toolkits
Kelly: Driving away as soon as tomorrow
Olive: To enter your customized garden
Pea: The kitchen council, the dock, the market
Turquoise: Operate 6000 foot walls, eagle rays
Teal: To connect falling conduit pieces into explosive loops

Reveal:   Symbol

Wheel: Winter…it’s around the corner
Conch: So let yourself go and fall under the spell
Umbrella: Now ring hub random previous
Flag: Images reflecting the change in connection speeds
Lotus: Want to see Elise in blue?
Vase: She is not quite a sexless tube, although her arms
Fish: Were a major food source for early settlers
Knot: Everything you need for weddings

Reveal:   Bodies

Puddle: Spin you around, stop audio registration
Pond: Use our handy virtual, if you can’t conveniently
Lake: A beehive, pioneers, seagulls, and the motto
Stream: What draws them in or drives them away
River: Really the summation of a whole valley
Sea: And sky invites you to explore inner and outer space
Ocean: Here if you cannot see the above

Reveal:   Consonant

B: Discriminatory road regime changes the barrier
C: Just create a synthetically pleasing remake of a pop hit
D: To drive rhapsody service to any television
F: Designed for small and medium sized businesses
G: Don’t throw anything away. Keep it all in context
H: Net network on architectural stained glass
J: Is pot coming between you and a friend?
K: Against software patents in Europe
L: Concrete proposals will be made for regulatory measures
M: And useful telephone numbers
N: By subject, grade level, and format (tools, hot lists
P: To announce our redesigned and content improved
Q: Niknaks! Get your freak on!
R: Can be considered as a different implementation of
S: Pro pro plus and pro premium searches
T: Love to talk? Take lots of pictures?
V: Find out more about watch fires’s enterprise
W: And wheeling around their home town from now
X: Join the o pen mirror
Y: And play silent sometimes
Z: Target these risks and help

Reveal:   Map

Latitude: Hey! Wait a minute!
          It was in the zodiac constellation of Aries, the ram
Longitude: Trying to picture gridirons & grasshoppers & how everything came together
          Friction free movements to do away with problematic lubricants
          Return to sunrise and sunset

Reveal:   Pattern

Stripe: Check out some other models in the pictures
Solid: To ensure they are not communicating with strangers
Spot: What does this phone number spell?
Plaid: For the spokes track zeal is almost complete
Check: 66% suffer internal attacks
Paisley: Of the communities of the west and southwest
Herringbone: If not, just to get measured up correctly
Geometric: For solid edge joins solid edge
Abstract: Selected international data are also included

Reveal:   Power

On: Aided by sales of games tailored for older teens and adults
          A fashion collective lives and works in their silver-painted loft
Off: Push, pull, crawl: Do whatever it takes to get there
          For the lesser prairie chicken and sand dune lizard

Bruce Covey is Lecturer of Creative Writing at Emory University and the author of The Greek Gods as Telephone Wires and the forthcoming Ten Pins, Ten Frames (Front Room Publishers, Ann Arbor) and Elapsing Speedway Organism (No Tell Books, Washington, DC). His recent poems also appear or are forthcoming in 26, Aufgabe, Verse, LIT, Bombay Gin, Boog City, Explosive Magazine, 580 Split, and other journals. He edits the web-based poetry magazine Coconut and curates the What’s New in Poetry reading series in Atlanta.

Sections from the Reveal sequence are being translated (alongside the work of K. Silem Mohammad and Rodrigo Toscano) for a chapbook series in Italy.

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