Derek Motion

birds take 3

that’s all about how
& technological somewhat least proficient at
a few light transcendent; absolutely birds ahead
years or diagrams & the venn denouement death is + your hope of the
           chance, placidly following Darwinian no you plot some summary
& the air (R&R clever but these days) doesn’t
yonder in god take the view bracing least treesy
contraption daring peppercorn to holiday not or
can’t contemplate survey or idiotic you you
little glance archly / is just the instinct but with
your home? okay on your truth shit
alive less than of a purpose iron corrugated;
green&red constructions such are rickety

Derek Motion is a writer from NSW, Australia. Some places that have published his stuff are Vibewire, FourW, Cordite & Meanjin. He lives online at TypingSpace.

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