J. D. Nelson

the millipede makes its midnight run

my hat is a little
more crooked &
I've noticed the
high number.

I gave a $ to a woman
who needed it for rabies shots —
she was attacked by "two bears"
& two smaller fanged mammals.

      one two three
why are you
      angry w/ me? (ARRRRGHH)
join me tonight
(it's a full moon)
      (& an eclipse, says Bo)
a remedy for your
starship ailment
blinking green &

under a hazy No. Carolina sky,
holding flowers —

creatures? I shout
exclamation points
in the dark.
      underground violet fish

The Letters H.B.T.

Holding a red cup
of yellow marbles,
laughing at the expense
of the hooded jackals
in the back of row "M" —

"M" is for "Mustard",
good for yellow snow,
monkey teeth
& scarab noodles
with golden hope.

The Golden Boots Have Arrived

The rodent yelped
& opened the screen door.

Thirty more flies
entered the bubble.

The eggs
are incredible.

This is the No. 7 card —

take it up
to the rat
on the roof.

J. D. Nelson experiments with words and sound in his subterranean laboratory. His bizarre poems have appeared in many small press publications, both print and online. He lives in Colorado, USA. Visit J. D.'s website for more information.

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