Michael Farrell

faux feminism

when a goose comes around a man affects a countryish attitude. are
               a light grey. the amount
rights displayed above the head are a light grey. the amount of
capitalism allowed for mining which is always of an under kind. the
              word divine were to
the word divine were to be expressed express it then or never.
have breakfast there requiring an hours cycling discuss it with a arrive
              their length
the sentences arrive their length is monitored without the extent of voyeurism.
              they aspire to an ideal so far no writer has imported adopted
              joined them.
our songs are imported adopted with no apparent resistance. a man affects
              plurality. in a goose narrative gender is met squarely. is tomorrows battle
feather in an eddy. it is summer or winter. in winter a
shed is under snow. a defeat or death of gander takes place
              in time. a goose or
gander takes place in time. not so in a tv version. any
child or arrival can be green can arrive by interruptions to growth
              natural means by
helicopter take an omnivorous form. interruptions to growth are best welcomed

fortunately losing someone who is reliant. the crepe place citrus are taken
              by a
is excellent ricotta
citrus are taken by a serious singer at a distance from gigs.
divas may forge on regardless having on. peas are grown may bottomless
              needs mysterious to farmhands goslings
so on. peas are grown may appear under a gown or other
              enclosure. a width of reading is not a may wear work like
plasticine universe strength of
desire notwithstanding. they may wear work like men disdaining philosophy that

come with a property. innuendo is tiresome redundant from a of fowl.
              a man may limited point
of view of fowl. a man may not take a goose rape
her in a bucket of cold though signs of distress trauma are
              water. this is a constraint. womens
age shouldnt increase though signs of distress trauma are yeses. logics of
personality syntax can be are disrupted yet shouldnt negative space should be
disrupt. tram sounds other
evidence of negative space should be edited to a reasonable extreme. pregnancy
              occurs on a wave riding away separate networks. serenity anger alternate from
              conception. this is an
old law observed by all networks. serenity anger alternate generally bird nativities
              have a more pleasant aspect. because not sought passively if often. script
              experienced. experience lends a patina
sought passively if often. script expediency takes priority over cracks in a
              shell. pass a torch. accept mistakes. to unsympathetic eyes it may a
a waste a next wave wearing quills in their hair. acting rocky.

my relationships with the dead

a pill raisin in front of them isnt compulsory an aid plenty of tea things to
imagination. there were plenty of tea things that wasnt unusual we were
              outside & the cakes werent right. the living have a tendency bring everybody back like to
write of death. dreams bring everybody back like a warmth to late
              march. pool or beach i like them as a group. the in getting fitness
              consists in getting to the end of a line. stay. they were
              so much they had to be abandoned thanks for a    last she
hated having her photo taken last night was alright. he saw humour
where there was any. getting up before six might getting a bump against someone
              getting a fire started. theres no big light room. the photos showed
they were gone emptied. sadness is preferable to depression. they trees in a drought.
went with
              the spirits of the cherry trees in a drought. this is just
              a note. that we can sit in harmony means a out of our minds history of
drives & crawling out of our minds to be relaxed. who catered.
start from scratch with a uteload miss them of briar dragged behind. we burned
them & miss them the docks the mallow milky dandelions. because destructions
              contact betrayals relationship. the clock went something on the ground somewhere & the emu eggs. the
              modernist paintings are behind something on the ground like a photo flat
              brown slices. nobody gets to know miscarriage different things this the garden shrinks. stories of
auction & miscarriage different things to different generations. aboriginality & whiteness
foucauldian precepts she was my first radio imaginary girlfriend. progress is imaginary
a poem as radio baby. a flat cane couch everything blackened by smoke
              & flies. a dog to shake hands behind a handmade enjoyment of technology.
              they were behind the kitchen with an arrow in his eye conquest.
by the fourth generation german was undetectable by them. it had were never
happened though we were prepared in case of breakdown. in most cases
              art takes over. a geometry exists that didnt while she wondered about was alive.
              i wondered about him living with a ghost living a ghosts life.
nothing is as collaged as it seems we hide. southern migration. to sensitive
              to a closed door. the dead are painting a fireplace rolling rollies.
              something we do could be inscribed on those that survive. & every day
              reading instructions & blowing them off. stayed at school & i was.

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