Michael Farrell


there will be above your door today friendly & cold. get on relations will
              change like melbourne. get on with me divide by two & you
              can take all you want. avoiding breakfast of signs not a form reflected so youd
have me. names
              are forms of signs not a form reflected through a bed balanced
glass. dont shed tears. everything you wears alienated honey. dust shelves abstract as
are your gestures
weirdo. alienated toast alienated honey. dust shelves until your face can be
              relaxed attracting men like overseas. try an r is no real thing. rated movie when there
              is no real thing. it allows emotions to melt away like aspro
you know your friends. layers of & expect differance. & love layers. though it maynt seem
an opportunity luxuriate
& expect differance. & whats unnecessary fails to manifest.
              your supervisor has stopped writing horror a reunion of sorts green dip. memory occurs watermelon
              & strange green dip. memory will work in gratifying ways culture psychology
              parallel. capital & baudelaire. keep conscious & the jaded renunciatory mornings. take & above angelic wanderings
              as you make them & the jaded renunciatory mornings. take on a
paintings identity spooking death from around a tendril of self. curly & blister into flower. oyster birds pieces
              of tape decor a lane & blister into flower. oyster birds have
              been in the wire laying pearls. decays by chance vision breaks relative. can we
be natural
              drip. by chance vision breaks off here while looking through a bone.
antithesis antiantithesis antisynthesis. as he goes forming scratching dirtying registering
              fortunes obscure & if you of
the addict. & if you obscure & if you leave it alone.
approximations. before i said newspaper geranium leaf potato sprout why never show closeups of your do you
              never show closeups of your mouth. theres a way of describing how
              days go by a lift by a generous driver or on a keyboard & clown. put two
yellow fingers on a keyboard & call it world yellow keys. etranger
template. reduce burgers or change venues. in the event. lars. every jukebox tells even poplars seem
              to whisper doo wop lars. every jukebox tells a story of a
              tribe of buried monks. hang ten & someonell desire you. sex someone in a shop
              threads. someone in a shop smelling of a sea. a perfect mould
breaks unsuitability suits. a tall dark stranger will eventually bend you ask humbly you
over if
              you ask humbly you will get freedom free. these are lyrics typical
of someone with chemical weapons. swear allegiance to our beheaded you will not find
leader. tomorrow
              you will not find yourself in glasgow. your self has moved on.

omission commission

visitors she had in her old age brought skin her scissors razors
her skin was like pastry at the back meringue at the front.
this poem should cite every book in her ago library testament to
only years ago she was a divorcee with troubled early twenties children.
              they are having their own hauntings already they you pay some wonder
              why they survived.
you walk in you pay some money you say a few words.
              a wick burns & a sweet smell reminds even as a her
              anyway of noone.
dont ever even as a joke put lemons in a childs lunchbox.
shes dismantled quite a few horrors shes named a injected her with
              looked felt
few ford cars.
what her doctors injected her with looked felt smelt like clotted cream.
              letters from her children as if bay windows with sashes fuck theyd
              studied a course on it.
the sun so bright bay windows with sashes fuck the dirty curtains.
              a few conversations with god put her in a mood for street
              looking for a puddle
on a street looking for a puddle to aim her foot at.
cakes in windows looking more artificial each best year like second generation
salts the best thing she said rubbing it into his inflamed penis.
              she thrust her sons teeth at out of the band a dentist
              silent wild helpless accusing.
they left her out of the band her stomach upset the music.
she walked up the hill from wooden could have all her first
              family but not far.
understanding that wooden could have all kinds of raw wet unstable meanings.
              a scrapbook of ways with meat it was a building block for
              a future.
smoking joking along a river it was close enough to a beach.
born first ahead of a bunch of hooligans who cracked her socks
her things.
when the day was over her socks were stretched her jaw ached.
a basketball summed up half of life its the two unexpected bounce
              roughness force.
the two girls talked on into the boxes as if for years.
a ballerina as pretty as anything she opened until she had her
              own daughters.
she opened her lunchbox takes out gives away an orange a pear.
              ants on the ground carrying a beetle in biggest stretch of
              water shed see
a hurry bite.
the lake was the biggest stretch of water shed see for years.
              in a cot with yellow pink rattles bawling her began with a
              look not
green eyes out.
it began with a look not a word a transmission of warmth.

Michael Farrell has recent poems in Verse and Jacket. Details of his book ode ode can be found here. He also has a blog, reading revival, promoting Australian poetry and criticism. He lives in Melbourne.

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