Tom Hibbard

Apocalyptic Landscape

vizbilla's disconsolate bride
dressed in the ski mask of zero tolerance
dressed in Santa Eugenia's religious shrapnel
dressed in the black ribbon of form
fourteen-year-old condemning Earthjustice
in homeland schoolrooms
responsible might mean deliberate
disassociational targets
some three hundred thousand in one day
Redfern Australia rioting
numbly awaits elegant chair covers

The Dialectics of Spam

perhaps chain store economy
like any idea that favors immunity
every six miles: think about it
remember to get necessities
it’s yours to air-out
paying the penalty for identity theft
k-mart next to wal-mart
is construction turned into
an excuse for demeaning kindness
capitalist philosophy of consciousness
corroded by untainted localness
able to eradicate with
reassuring uniform apparel
drained moral energy
occupied 'village' resigned
to making a clean start
consuming enormous solitary ordinariness

Quantum Definition of Citizen

‘And so we are puzzled that we can’t bridge
over this abyss between individual numbers
and the general proposition’ - Wittgenstein

vanishing straight shooters
middle east rainbow
in my opinion 9-11-01 blew a rather large hole
in tony blair's definition of Bujumbura
in President absentia's definition of wreath-making
in bill gates' definition of prostatitus
in Poopsie's definition of christian clubhouse
in Emily Post's definition of parousia
like neoconservative balloons
disciplining al-aqsa martyrs brigades
cassini-huyggens unmanned space mission
gives thanks for the unmistakable sanctity
of saturn and its moons

Tom Hibbard's poetry, translations and reviews can be found at many places online. Crag Hill provides a list of his recent reviews here.

The above poems come from his new collection ghotki crater.

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