Jenna Cardinale

Question Muscle and Bone

The brain is a wing— A ghost

Breaking through
like milk—

Shapes sliced through
soil— Infinitely
in empty—

Bury him
with his favorite—

      6x6 9


Garden a Large Idea

Eternity becomes so
dry— Uplifted
mouth empty—

The ground embracing— The pavement
a horse struggles for—

The beautiful tremor I
was wearing—

      Fascicle 1


Lust became the clown— Bombs
I could write— Ideas in
the blond excitement—

A convertible walk out the door—

      Columbia Poetry Review 17

Jenna Cardinale is the author of Journals (Whole Coconut, 2006). Her poems appear in recent or forthcoming issues of Cannibal, Court Green, Kulture Vulture, nthposition and Free Verse, among others. She lives in New York, where she teaches poetry writing at Lehman College.

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