Go out in the cover of darkness

Sliver of moon through the open window

To the wild roses blooming in the schoolyard

Sweet scent of the Lemon Orchard

Sting of a spider? Thorn prick?

Suck and swallow blood

Mid-Summer night




no bugs
new roses


rhapsody in garbage truck
a world upside down
hung on nothing


Lamantia said "these Winds"
standing on a corner mad zephyrs
down from the mountain


Hart said "this love running over me
like a sea of human tears"


poem with ghosts in it
to connect us to the hole
in time


Long Winter cabin fever there is a side of me that longs to wander

Though it is March it feels like February Cold I think of Basho &

Had I a horse might not mind taking the Road to Eureka -- bearing

Myself to the ELEMENTS watching the horse eat the roses by the

Wayside where we would stop for water like John Muir did with

His little dog on his walk all the way up to the icy glaciers only

Deep solitude will do for the Poet (Doyle! & his Camp Campaign

On the side of Mt. Tamalpais)/the Ancient Monks who steeped them-

Selves in SOLITUDE until hearing the song of a cricket under an old

Helmet or falling drunk into a lakeful of Moon. . .

T. Walden was raised in Washington D.C. and attended the University of Maryland where she received a BA in Art History. Moved to San Francisco at 23 where she encountered the lively poetry scene of North Beach -- reading for the first time publicly with Corso, Ferlinghetti, Kaufman, Kyger, Hart and others in 1980. Went on to found Deep Forest -- a chapbook series still publishing today with over sixty titles to its credit. She received an MA at San Francisco State University in English Literature.

She lived with "the wonderful poet" Howard Hart for 20 years until his death after a long battle with cancer in 2002. Currently teaching with Clark, Cornford, and Meltzer at New College of CA. City Lights published her book Fire Road in 1986. Other titles include Blue Junk, Perfumes, and Twilight.

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