Lars Palm

this thing just kept returning

god's steady hand
established order

easily not

that all destiny of fists
when far from may seem true


can't digest
tropical meridians

felix returns purgation
or paper borders blood



locating place as hollow
spread of tillage


among moonbeams & the window
among the other
the impenetrable sunlight
which blinds a moment

in that quietly pressed
gently honed
blind trade-off
of this solstice


in close reality

in her amazement

for momentum of
a privileged place
in “unexpected
dr. frankenstein”



critics reread war
of western white emotion

magician's currently
distributed romance

pail on the company glow

nickelodeon in order


that eric exists when
not entirely visible

he forms judgements

we are different quantities

my universe really
exists between your head

dispassion & rage
when particles believe


the call of intellectuals
anything unpatriotic


this comes alone

this hour instability

you rock soil
most nomadic

fuzzy sequence
for your yet


this watermark

this she you know

breed called parasite

of sea-foam my own bone

you drag or tide


still the dishes
back them

busily gnawing
her waters into

where seamstress


much of intellect
range from
                        break it
narratives as geography

appearances in
futures & mammoth
territories explored

widened to militias


what gets withheld

that's one category
another enters expectation

i'm left



atlas maps cracks
assembling forgeries

the will not today

what or this relief

a tearing off
less permeable


she's thrown seams

oceans in a rod &
hooked flounder head

& flames crouching
between desire as
it's solution

her fulfillment

she'll blue marbles


some point tributes

skate pavement
future shape


tongued out circumstances

madcap singalong

i see him

prospective prospectus

will call once

i spun round ankles


terror dawn
by multinationals

field sellers

they'd withhold
the economy


to overpower lashes

her slight moon

entering a small
hopping knife they
swing ancient street

he among shattered water dripping
a liquid behind him speaking

& windshield shattered
bodies & trees

moon landing early

film marcel says in history

enter street


or the one side

twirl porno

ephraim said

once burning
skeletal side


bridegroom she could
forsake entirely

clean the girl

land remark & rock remnant

rudderless small reptile
linger sideways out along

& sketch on the
green undergarment

washing dreamt her
garden steeplechase

why then


chapel door virgin
pickles out grace

his white woman behavior

grace thinking others
while outside view

inventing thread

hospital astonishment


birds dressed dream
of cathedral flight

my defacto mouth
painting my teeth

while minarets picked
oh see


she had scientists
almost when she
calculated made

out to exist the world
was measurements &
measurers that
                        we are eyes
calculate & things
behaving as now


wish fulfillment

in what berlin?

busy shifting blue
incognita with

charting water like
will get nowhere


a globe

the other revealing

she wall

here magna est
in protest face


overlaid a network

a magic dutch newspaper
just ahead & pushkin also

denote that description
of yet born grandson


for wavelength
the source of light

observer perspective

australian in red

the source

the red outside

fox moving
vermillion rim
closer & visible

cranky racehorse

source texts from;
Ars Interpres no 4/5 “Two Skies” (autumn 2005)
Aufgabe #4 (autumn 2004)
MTC Cronin The Ridiculous Shape of Longing (Blesok, 2005)
Susana Gardner to stand to sea (The Tangent Press, 2006)
Rust Buckle Issue 6 “the after issue” (summer 2005)
Elizabeth Treadwell Cornstarch Figurine (Dusie Press, 2006)

the process:
take the first & last word of each line of the selected texts, write them down exactly as they stand & then, without changing the order of the words or adding anything, cut away words until the poems appear. then they may be arranged into lines & stanzas

lars palm still lives on the canary islands & still finds them too european, but kind of likes them anyway. author of two chapbooks, some other words of his can be found by search engine, should your interest have been awoken.

he recently resumed his online fanzine luzmag after a few months hiatus

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