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Darkened be unkind

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Lone Deranger

I heard thunshot, but nothing und of a ghappened. E heavy so I turned tm my chest and lookebarrel frod at it. The pistol tlooked bidea what all the fuit had no ss was aboack as if ut. It migt from the factory, me straighthe innoceht have cont gleam o chest. It was wet I felt mynd sticky, fnewness. I found troke beside my nippllet had be. Broken he hole bubone gave inal. I heard the he it felt favy sound easily in, of a gunshened. I turned the pthing happistol barrot, but noel slowly ked around me. Room or and loolooked bacto the flok as if itl the fuss was aboutea what al. Everythi had no idng was neaeaned before a journ, as if cley. I prest and tidysed a fingt hole and felt slow the bullely from sier through de to side, soft and quiet. Hot was warmw quickly. Inside ieverything I heard the heavys I thought. Ound of a happens, gunshot, b I put the pistol on happened table. Aut nothingnd looked oked back as if it hror. It load no ideaat the mir what all Young and solemn manas about, just the fuss w type Caesfear for. Clean whiteasonable e shirt loar had a roked like he red spot grew slose flag, twly wider. The Japane Funny I d, I though. I heard el a thingthe heavy idn’t fesound of ag happened. I went tbut nothino the wind gunshot, ow and looIt looked back as iftry city. it had noked at win idea whatout. All was gray anuss was abd immobile all the f, even theh the clouds was hailing througf dark. I light compressed mypane, and breathed dhe window-eeply. Not face to ta spot apeverything happens, w quickly Ithought. peared. Ho I heard tgunshot, but nothingound of a happened. He heavy s I threw aers and went out to my shouldthe crowd jacket on at the stras if it had no ideaoked back what all eet. It lothe fuss wusy faces, even the Gray and bsmile filtas about. Ered throualf unconcious. I toedom was hok a couplgh the bore of steps. Funny no one paid e sidewalkany attent acrossthion, I thong. lt consoliugh me, it fe me good.

Aki Salmela is a Finnish poet and translator of poetry. He has published two books of poetry in Finnish, Sanomattomia lehtiä (2004), Leikitään kotia (2005) and two chapbooks of experimental poetry in English, Word in Progress (2004), available as a download through Tuli&Savu Nihil, and Almost Beyond Recognition (2006), available as a pdf from the author(aki.salmela at welho dot com). His translations include the selected poems of John Ashbery, Valveillaoloa (2004), and the selected poems of Russell Edson, Intuitiivinen matka (2006).

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