harry k stammer

clear white press glass old fold

wall (ing) ed associated decrees align'd
project reflects ascendant inferior folder lust
allowed problem calendar 1st 18th (ing)

"is flare'd limit conscious" definition context
"ya, effort an absent guilt'd (entire

as) rest'd bifurcate, indicates it. "defining

lust against" limit (un) state starts

forward hand foot treble slip (something)
is armed for is "it, case,

pension, one unrest," directly as context
as context'd supported (full) unrest sleep

glass dripped propagation transversally determines condition

direction 'reflected (tion) direct entire form

placed hand edge window under chin

"joined this, is" 24 points there

"that, it is" common hand silver-white

'trous broke become heavier directly (more
close in) "is not being burnt,

however, as preceding a left excess
dragging condition" limit(s) to wait "ah,

my eyes, gives to me, stops

backwards" not for individual(s) adhesive ribbon

(each one is) not for yellow

success affirmation (ting) that they leave
to fall "not a question, as"

observed to opposing relation stopped it
one ", sees this squirrel" openings undecided

(plop) between bulb change form'd screwing
resistance (sentence strunk & white) undermine

(over) "that paradox presentation... left them

to drink" to sit down becomes

paying some attention that scratches out

average preference modality object critical one
exploration (point)

entire missing people formula

substitute (performs number índex )
"who is?" (tion) socks
white had left to

fall "hello" trips above shoulders turn for (returns

stop backwards) right head
looking at "symbolic, not

if opposing, open edges
mouth agitation rubbing sensation

palms linkings drops" (said this way) "that parts,

move language tongues "

parts are leaving fall

little piece "not

insistent" units purple
building palm out

trees (sworn hearts) handed
whole pro (tension)

attention saying
three cups lit one to two

another 'tention "bite
pole every other" spike'd geometry live

up "parking" arrow orange

cone (I in print) shadow over 'w' 'e'

cups only two

cubes tireless cover stack'd
on great shirt sweat excess

t-shirt sandals exposition two times that telephone

one room cooks nothing changeable blurred tail back
part monophone (another time

room) cinereous distance plastic
configuration covers measuring window
one hole(s) focus palm settle aqua lights

red(s) (re) only 'voidance euphemistic "mine pant(s)
only" has (isbe)

harry k stammer lives and works in Los Angeles and Santa Barbara. His poetry has been published in sidereality, xStream, Znine, blazeVOX, Moria, dirt, poetic inhalation, Otoliths, The First Hay(na)ku Anthology and xPress(ed). His latest e-book, every, beyond't nothing, published by PERSISTENCIA*PRESS, can be downloaded from here. harry keeps a blog at http://harrykstammer.blogspot.com.

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