Carol Jenkins

Fish Speak

Fish with Speaking Parts

Applied Science

Ninety percent of the world’s large fish
have been fished out, not really so strange
when the word for the animal ‘fish’
and the act of killing it ‘fishing’ are conflated
so the death verb and the noun life
are one, language having already lined up all
those fish in its radar field, found
how to get there with GPS navigation and trawled
them out with nets the size of suburban blocks,
hauled them out, cat food bound,
into the mother ship’s iced hold.

Fish with Dark Words

Carol Jenkins was bought up on an oyster farm at Woy Woy. Her next fish poem will appear in Island (issue 108). You can listen to some of her work on a Writers Radio podcast and read other work in places like Heat, Overland, Cordite and Eye Wear.

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