John Mercuri Dooley

an excerpt from MuBet

T mobile provides starbucks wireless. Tab hunter has two whippets and a partner. Table held syrah dew and oranges. Take a break. Take a stab. Take a survey on the popularity of letters. Take a while but do this. Take enough space. Take into account personality disorders. Take it outside. Take it up the ass. Take me seriously. Take notes to never. Take off good friday. Take off those rainbows you were robbed. Take that faberge'. Take that you faggot. Take the ocean in. Take the ocean out. Take this take that. Take your shoes off. Talk about it with someone. Talking is for girls. Targets capitalism. Tattle but there are no tales here. Taylor meads as realy as picasso's laptop. Teams are busy buying traffic. Technology sizes you up. Teen girl movies get the kleenex. Teeth chatter i'm exhausted. Telecommuters stay in nine million homes. Telegrams are extinct no shit. Tell if this is a biography. Tell me about your hamburger. Tell me something i don't know. Tell something that would be impossible. Tend to close my eye to shave my cheek. Tender are your cells at 3. Thank god I'm it. Thank god she said to the appliance. Thank god there wasn't an aisle. Thank god we took an early flight. Thank you arnold we know ronald. Thank you for being happy. Thank you for saying you support me. Thank you snowballs. Thanks for kindness. Thanks for the note. That angel is an asshole. That thought is centric. That was a two muffin rabbit. That's a drag. That's a very nervous light. That's about all. That's all i could think of. That's clearly a story. That's enough of that. That's more like it. That's my plan. That's no reason to hate her. That's not a vitamin that's my clock. That's so 80's. That's very you. That's what it's come to then. That's what's wild about stealing. That's why they're looking at him or The best things nullify action. is it. The day the month sold out. The dog chewed the wall. The father said he loved his daughter's foot. The femme said to the male nurse don't be afraid sweety. The future is naughty shit. The hot peppers withered. The inner one pretends. The least i can do is watch. The light blue bar is management. The lobby's on the first floor. The other day i shut myself. The point is you can. The problem with stylish glasses is you can only see so much. The sales pipeline is right on. The sea changes technology spending. The space in the world is very popular right now. The tables turned. The team that brought us here has unprecendented longevity. The web is family whether you like it or not. The whole club says you're a bitch. Their father is mother's brother. Then i'll wear my orange boots. Then to here forget it. Then what. There are definitely some ownership issues here. There are many things to say that matter. There are people in your family. There goes pollution. There is a shared thing going on. There is green. There is no mention of hens in the definition. There is where so. There is your blood. There was a missing period. There were too many so. There would be more talk without apostrophes. There's a whale on the park bench. There's an organic way to grow traffic. There's only so many things you can say. There's plenty of time. They are too language. They do make the best coffee though. They iron bonnets to do errands. They stripped out all kinds of links. They were thoughts. They're about profit and they're not wrong. They're all so intent on being. They're staining the suburbs. Thigh muscles grow then shrink. Things are ideas in the way. Things are sure said the master. Things change what are you going to do. Think a lot more about like. Think a thought pattern. Think about exercising. Think about how we deliver brands. Think about ignoring the editor. Think about it. Think about this. Think about yourself. Think it out. Think it's true. Think that. Think what he is. Think you. Think you're foreign. Think yourself out. Thinking about too much. Thinking sex stays separate is simple. This could be a magazine. This definition is new. This generation is very hard to read. This has become me at this time. This has nothing to do with it. This idea is driving pages. This is a little bit confusing. This is a way to say things. This is all about you miss. This is becoming still. This is co-dependent. This is coming your way. This is embarrassing and silly. This is exciting. This is fun as it should. This is fun at least i hope you think so i don't care. This is getting dark. This has been going on about a year now. This is getting more serious. This is jury duty. This is liberating. This is moving. This is not per se a series. This is not talking. This is not yours. This is relatively new stuff. This is starting to preempt. This is the stuff that drives me nuts. This is your land and my land. This isn't necessary. This story no longer has any relationship. This too will change. This took thought. This was not supposed to be like that but that's what happens. This was not supposed to but it did. This way i don't have to do anything. This will be lost. This will change by that time. Thought is on a roll. Thought is stuck on itself. Thought suds was soap. Thought you might. Thoughts a cradle robber. Thoughts not so after all. Thread devotion. Throw you away i mean. Throw things out and save them. Thrown shoes stay on a line. Tic toc your ass. Tight muscles destroyed his eyesight. Tilt forward. Time is a diadem for here. Time is a hoax at lunch. Time is exasperated. Time ten minutes. Time to get conservative. Times change. Times isn't sold in the courthouse. Times on a bus. Times square is pleading. Times select. Timing is everything. Tits or tires spell trouble. To be sane for a day is a firetrap. To be something you have to. To improve words cut them. To top it off he was of color. Tobacco terminated life insurance. Today is a chunk of meat. Today is new years eve. Today is not funny. Today is the last before you sleep. Today is too much content. Today is working. Today three mountains dewed. Today visits every month. Today was a joint reaction. Todays words are one, two, and three. Tolerance is sort of insulting. Tom cruise eats placenta. Tom cruise thought eating placenta would make a difference. Tom cruise thought eating placenta would make him a lesbian. Tomatoes are not spaghettis. Tomorrow is a disservice. Too many sentences make you such and such. Too many things go on. Tools are available to you. Toss splenda on the mattress. Totally missed the camouflage. Tow water. Toward the end he wore turtlenecks. Trace genetics. Track personality. Traffic thinks only of itself. Transcribe this. Translate ego that's a laugh. Travel while muslim. Treason all depends. Treat every page as yourself. Trees suck. Try bottomless water. Try it out and see if it works. Try love for size. Try my cuff. Try not to insult yourself. Try not to put it into words. Try not to use evocative words in other languages. Try not to write. Try one. Try race. Try to be an infant. Try to fit in. Try to never work. Try to stop saying it. Try to write less d i w. Trying to think i can't. Tuck. Tuesday must be somebody's. Tums calmed roma. Tunes are fringed birdies. Turn around when the devil talks to you. Turn as rationally as possible. Turn on foreign tv for war footage. Turn on the overhead. Turn your back. Tv is fun and normal. Tv drowns. Tv keeps you company and peaceful. Twinkies were manipulated. Twirling pasta isn't rocket science. Two gray whales who were male touched. Two please. Two seas met.

(The full current text of MuBet, a continually mutating piece, can be found at www.mubet.net.)

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