Kevin Doran

haiku noir/horrorku

clawed to shreds
by a bear . . . your toeprints
in the bloody snow


2D screen humans
sky water eye static-shot
‘ad’ mind warp, tube eyes


dinosaur stroking
its near-extinct erection –
tight, firm kitten butt

triptych haiku

having sex –
picking up
your breasts

milk in her left breast
into wildflowers
in my mouth

tree trunk with tights
screams death threats –
another ex-girlfriend

winter sickness –
the alarm clock

christmas day
            her bum
            cobwebs swing

her frosty voice
            in bed
            under the umbrella

Kevin Doran was born in London to Irish parents and raised in Australia, England, and Ireland. He is currently back in England studying a B.A. Hons. in Journalism and Creative Writing at university.

His poetry, hybrids, and in-betweens are published or forthcoming in poeticdiversity, Unpleasant Event Schedule, Ancient Heart Magazine, The Shantytown Anomaly, clouds peak, Simply Haiku, Scifaikuest Magazine, Roadrunner, iota, bottle rockets, paper wasp, and others. He is editor of Triptych Haiku, an experimental poetry journal. Visit his blog for more info and updates.

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