Raymond Farr

         Shadows Sometimes North

Poltroon-Indexes “parochial box-poem-hand,
(parenthetically.)” Whilst Paul, the fantast,
floods Geothe- “upon sat”—the fantast.
Abaddon -- synonymous w/ Katzenjammer
Foo-foo, the reign so fire-fire of fingers
encases / decodes: heretical Muldoon. Bloody
hobby vs Buddy Holly / “Good golly, miss Molly.
c.f. Milanese, Genovese: absquatulates:
uno, dos, “trays”—amphigory! Vitae-Amphiscians
1855 / [essay-like] MilesDavis utters / posits:
octave upon octave [“OCTAVE” curls “spooning” whilst #s
kneel / whilst #s krill & wail: “Abaddon obscurantist!”
Platonism’s: Thy bold attempt / or as /
Sheol, the realm, purports abracadbra: language as
Franchise-Power systematically(Oh! Q. Severus
Sammonicus! 2nd Century)
Temulentus dozed: “apartheid” “drunken”
Peloponnesian as ‘60s noir-flick [nineteen abbatoir-
Sir Nuke’em Online] Logo by LogoBee is grammatically
Quintilian / “accidere”& Popeye / Olive Oyle / SweetPea
Bluto & Liam Niessen interpret the ghastly odes.
Aghast at pdfs / rtfs / & influence,
So Flemish, inhabits a lingo! / OE gœstan “to terrify”
gœst “spirit, ghost” The –gh—
c.1425 Scottish praxis
possibly Flemish / Aha! “flamingo” : as in : [Chaucer]:
pertaining to: “They crieden out!”
A second self, a trusted onomatopoeiastrasse.
Cephalopod mollusks [enter: Groovey Kid. Stage left.]
Spawn agonistes / death like simoleans.
Egyptions limned by nom de loci-nouveau riche.
Ram’s horns depict / inhabit T-for torrid, Z-for zone.
Unwritten / as yet / “on both sides.”
Shadows sometimes North.
Sometimes South.
Anacoluthon reiterates unwritten text / text / text.
Copulative prefix: “a”[pronounced “uh”]—
& keleuthos: “way, road, track, path” etc. etc.
& “A” [pronounced “eh”]pushing backward
[to smash, shatter
anacrusis] bits of food archived like smelt
& angst ‘afore metioning Ur-rhyme: “babble, babble, yawn!”
excremental “twas”
& seized OCCULTCATION(sic): E-I-E-I-O
Bingo was his name-o. [plotted / sodded]
The linkage endures; substitute “phrase for urinal.”
otherwise, “I take, I grasp” [Gk. Lazomai]
1625pseudo-Analemma Circle off Main.
“a prop, gauged-support-mundi. [oceanagraph-ique]
& “a” ana—“back” + khorein “withdraw /
give place”
khoros “place, space” on level w/
[on efn] / [on even] Ontolog-ique Blvd.
Ravi & wild Michael Druid [14 Century]
14 c. David (pronounced: duh veed)
Pronounced: alectryoman [michael druid-duh-veed]
Imp to.
Phencyclidine—the fantast’s “touch”
1968, [a sory lyfe]
[an yuell to stand anglynge
all day to catche
a fewe fishes]—Palsgrave, 1530illustrates
Surly, surreal, monk manuscripts a nano.
& aposiopesis-SHAZAAM! [ink]La booty!
Dis[inter]grates GOOGLEperi-poesis.
Foaling cautionary speculum ill w/ magi.
Saxons / Jutes / Kafkaplatzenne when earth first
purred(anglophobia’s X’s &
eminent O’s buttered wholisticly(anglomania)(1793)
Target: Anders Ångstrom(1814-74)
[the date in question]
“to turn suddenly mid-century!” [the mind]
the “ankh” fraught w/ Zeno’s {adverb here}
diplopia, [&]pisses to capitulate / “Georgics,” book I,
line 40: The Motto (present tense): Annuit
Coeptis / “…but ahh, my foes, and oh,
my friendsTHE ENORMOUS ROOM contra-
indicatesWYOMING “nomos” blander.
To look up at: “opus” / re: Geiger-phabetically.
Ex tempor fugate [trans. “x-sensory].
A mode of [ of / perception / of ordered /
of view] [KantianAnschauungOdessan]
Emphatically postmodern / did Dante Alighieri see?
Ante & post (bellum) / Yupp, this fella,
name a Milque Toast pedalled Coolidge-Jazz-
Antennae / Man to FX. For: “he who has
the face of a man” [opos] accrues slots / anything
bizzare is antic-Sulawesi [Apt. w/ view:
croon scenic / schizophrenic] Marconi’s Lounge
& Game Arcade: AM / PM: the village-gazette
supra-implies: destroyer! arch-angel! adversionary!
Easter Sandanistas!agape w/fasces’ sci-fi.
[Agape] Muted supra-X-mas-anadiplosis yawns:
Klondike-Anadiplosis[derive: “abash”]c.1303..
Gazetteer-etiquette “round here(ici)
Eve of destruction!

         du jour, et al

MagnifiCANTOS Norde. Growl of[unstressed var. of af, æf, away (from); akin to Ger ab nee O’Faoláin (Ir. Author) glib among the Alleuts’similar wingers sprang upon allograph.
The undergrowth mimics semes. Or Rhine. A platz “du jour”nal d-e-r-I-v-a-t-I-v-e crimps -echolocates the breach-ganglia thinking so opposed to “Sobriquet opens Weehauken this August.” Soche recalls Dante’s horrifying “oceanagraphique.” SODbusters, Hank&Willit
Never blend Marginalia. Similar Doctrines occurr, scheduled at intervals, heliotropic w/in
“Hollywood & Vine scenarios.” Kafka and “poor poppa” dissimilar to hours in Trent &or
Edinburgh,akaEDENICsamples available in lobby. “Mon Couer, dialectic (Gr.) metropol.
Centralia apt. bldg. 3-d astrological id regressively measures Bacon’s (not Shakespeare’s
Memorable loquat: “yon heart verily rolled.” When SEMEoccurred, mid-sentence puked.
The IvoryGridWentDown,y’all. Nobble, nobble, toil and trouble,y’all.MonocularThelon-
IousMonk.O Blitzkrieg kettled by POESIS!skeedaddleGRAVITASlatinos squired by C-n
Otes’ harmonics / if you desire “terrain” translate “idiomatique-laundramat”inPortuguese.
Potable as porringer, Porsena, and wonderful, wonderful Popocatépetl. Cyber-textual “e”
Negates pseudo-Betty Crocker personae/malarkey-up ramparts[ON AIR LIVE] balm of olde Gilead squirting Y’ALL across “farts”/ink across petroleumTYPOS’:petite bourgeo-
Isie nuanced & pesky[&Presto!gemot engulfs the “velskoen”[AfricVenetic as muon&sphacelated NewIreland, meaningHALFlife/&anti-quark“down under” Teen age SYMBOLIC MOSS/Intel-rodentia. TELE-saccharine machocolations utter and Fuss like / when is is not a number. “Mambo-LADY, Saturnalia’s scuppernog pie flakes Indulge TRI-GLYCERIDESriddled w/ Vols. I-IV [excluding annexed authors of the third Subliminal Reichstag. ”SONATASofMETEMPSYCHOSIS enables “the band played on.” That Proponent of Ezra’s lathe-art writer’s colony failed Vonnegut’s MONOCHASIUM Soup tutorial, aslant w/in Disney’s slangy-omega litmusTest-paradigm?[Last autum/walt Disney-glossolalia declared WAR onTERRORIST/Islam] Islam is not interogative. Ore. Mikkosukkee/KYOTO/embalmedGroton-on-Hudson guffaw sequentially patterned after iambs’ ipse dixit/ Côte d’Azure, foxey&stunning/X-ternally applied lèse-majestéCAPERs OK? the kid swallowed moolah-PiscisAustrinus via mood-PARADOS, repeat after me: I, “font” & “bunraku” do solemnly pule: uno, DOS, quixotic(yōōbē). Etymons spooled on post-postmodern America the Beautiful. Unemploy yon dramedy, & retroussé DATAfiles Of “de rigeur,” mon oncle.[NuncDimittis: esp. “from life let us depart”] Metes Eobiontic Pre-exilic Logical Positivism: ON AIR ici/ “Salam epicediumDaDa/dada” empowers precognitive figures of speech while ROME disintergrates bi-epeirogenically / kelep, kef And Rawinsonde[(RADIO)SONDE]signal corped “every ordinary joe on earth.”LICE & SiderealityENMESHEDin mesh /Hemostasis canopied[a. strindbergSWED (dramatist & NovelistNekedstringerquartet>were you srtipCROPPING “inanimate fields?” Tamerlane. Tinfisher of trouvaille UPPERbound in LORE and bardic whey face upon Thames River.

Raymond Farr attended Florida State University. He now lives in Ocala, FL.
His work appears many places on line & in print. His most recent, however, appears
in BlazeVox2k6, Otoliths, Bird Dog, Dusie, Cab/Net, Anemone Sidecar, & Sidebrow.

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