Peter Ciccariello

Word, no longer itself, engulfed

Word, no longer itself, engulfed II

Peter Ciccariello is an interdisciplinary artist, poet, and photographer, whose work creates images that are a synthesis of language and visual imagery. His current interests are in experimenting with the fusion of text and images in 3-D computer graphics environments, and exploring the possibilities of poetry as landscape. Recent work has appeared both in print & online in, amongst other places, Adirondack Review, dbqp: visualizing poetics, Oregon Literary Review, The Long Island Quarterly, MOCA The Museum of Computer Art, Starfish, and Word For/ Word. His book Imaginal Landscapes was published by Xexoxial Editions, La Farge, WI, USA. Links to his current online work can be found at http://invisiblenotes.blogspot.com/

He is currently living in Providence, RI.

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