Jeff Harrison

"and Space arises..."

and Space arises, fanning the coming field with Her wealth
She, a zephyr who will engraft motion to the lily, She too
has fallen prey to Voyage!, Voyage, feigning Itself
as leaves on a vine light and thin and fruitless
save for the shade, lengthening, that darkens

--'-,-:@ nhan @:-,-'-- than
@:-'-,-- tnan --'-:-,@
@:-,-'-- thnn @:-'-,--
maze --'-:-,@ mane --'-@-:,
@:-'-,-- than --'-:-,@
mate --'-@-:, made --'-:-@,
--'-:-,@ ahan --'-@-:, thhn
--'-:-@, taan @--,-':-
--'-@-:, than --'-:-@,
made @--,-':- maps ':-,-@--
--'-:-@, thaa @--,-':- thah
':-,-@-- hhan :-,-'--@ ...

* Up in the clouds you lost sight of your lawful height *

vamose, thunder-bolt, you've claimed naught but blue bells
at your sport unexceptional as poesy, the shepherdess practices
yet her golden elude -- with no blue bells to clasp, would she then
gather the asphodels you proffer, pressing coldest colors to her breast?

Jeff Harrison had poems in Otoliths issues one, three, and four (see the archives). He has an interview blog with Allen Bramhall called Antic View. More of his poems may be found at Masthead and Kulture Vulture.

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