Raymond Farr

Little Else Is Steeple

Dearest Paraphrasis,
biblio-elan aside, gauged wires translate
golden experience into missives.
What canaries outrage in modes, juncos oscillate in moods,
obsidian as jazz-ears snuffing
the pall bearers’ stogies.
Only once are we worthy of / ashamed of
semiotics’supping eels of kine at sup.
A Doppler of urgencies torqued by a voice
(i.e. stuffed with eels of kine
at cooperate, at lop
one foot at a time up Rte. 66)
identical forces twist
against surfaces of Webster’s nightmarish kiln--
fire for virgin,
entropy for pimp.
For what is language but a sentence we serve?
An angle of fabric vacant as fortune?
The order of things gone missing a word?
In act one, scene one: Dada whizzes excrement to cheese.
& we partake,
synonymous with geese blown from an image of blue senses.
For who is it canters up alleyways mapped in advance
if not the Lone Rider, Act One, Scene One of Drama (Re)versed,
Andy Warhol, & Marcel Duchamp?
In the meantime
twang'd salsa pummells insouciance's raving
residue to bone.
Little else is steeple, olde friend.
Little or nothing else
to say.

Regards, Abelarde.

[Your Name Here] an isle among aisles

A gem studies a word
in Denmark, laddie,
same hour as Kafka's father
is a joke or
syntactical position
[Your Name Here]
finds impossible
to film.
& so
his little wolf heart out
in the dark of the

literal piece by literal piece,

on camera, & off,
his bicameral mind
editing fire into
the graveyards of Tokyo—
nble or grnit
replc’ / rplcants’
achieved grndios__ies
verities, which,
mistaken, appear
simulacra of process--

Scenario One:
"Of what meaning
sr over sd appears whacked
in states of
states of film noir?"

"What are you insisting?"

"I insist myself
on a silver screen
at the entrance--
neon blinking
[Your Name Here]
an isle among aisles
mindful on two legs."

The No End Lagoons of Sand Not Speak
         for kari edwards
your days spent kanoodling madness
blinder mice assumptions some in towers
half-fit / half-are the mold you create
then smash into words

beach life is no answer
the no end lagoons of sand not speak
so nautical peruvian spillers at last may groove
that you speak of
chorus the arrow urine seduction-mimes' terror in tempo

come no plainer than hell's kitchen, you sd
suffer only what is ordinary
existential canned goods outrank inquisitors’ autumn at your zoo

out of rank out of time you platter off cement-banking
your own mother's penny-for-your-thoughts
strides boldly up to populace oven-spanker look out there man (on film)

presides over blood letting

hazard water imp's a pittance of inheritance
who are you or you die
swimmy with abstract pockets free americana-battle-innuendo
should never have been asked

but how is it you feel somewhat lucky
& undeserving today here on patterns heuristically
a muscle beach?

in any event plums in the fridge
persimmons & kumquats (genus: fortunella)
sweet sweet cold mangos from cuba

Raymond Farr was born in Cambridge, MA. He now lives in Ocala, FL with his dog Jasper. His work appears on line & in print at Aught, Blaze Vox2k6, Bird Dog, Anemone Sidecar, Sidebrow, Cab/Net, Dusie, & Otoliths.

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