Robert Lee Brewer

like apple cider spiked with spirits

the time for mud slinging is upon us
I’m through being mr. nice guy
there are libraries full of children
exploring new worlds
                                            new ways of looking
at the world
                         father led us to this
path and disappeared into the thicket
of things
                   it was up to us to press onward
the pricks make the world go round
and all the money in the world is not
worth this moment of autumn
                                                             the bonfire
crackling and burning up your silhouette
no one uses card catalogues anymore

Robert Lee Brewer is the editor of Writer’s Market and WritersMarket.com. His poetry has been published in several online and print publications, including Denver Syntax, MEAT and remark. He also solicits unsolicited email at theaphexshrug@hotmail.com.

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