Steve Timm

from: Hearing Device

then it was part two & it said
ear slave to boot
the trouble is words
to listen
seemed like a flying carpet
& a front door
to shake hands
the carolers meet the corrallers
some steambath
some forrent country too
then anyways came
up to an eartrumpet with an offer
but who wasn’t buying’d
long since
tongue torn free to thread which lobe

~ ~ ~

bus amy moocow
the old trick
a romance
in broken aparts
ever since that cantilever off
it fulcrum in shirred city walkups
never heard from regained
(no apples kneaded)
(no centrifuge collar tin rope)
unanymous pulse in any mate wrinkle
he slipped him salvo
over the fence where it used to
she accepted
then excused
the famous worn powder

~ ~ ~

beelzebub frig a frag
singing on a whetstone
how come the sizzle mourns
in a prinked aftergrow
how comb the sparks
law has it
the misshorn fakir’s midst scension
pass the soul
spire the retribution
where once is always & unshod
goes the merriment
what’s that gravity pulling at
what’s the build bub
the fire next time

Steve Timm's Disparity, an e- and POD book, was published by BlazeVOX in 2006. Two chapbooks, Stragetics (Bronze Skull 2006) and Averrage (Answer Tag Home Press 2004) have also recently appeared. Other work of his has appeared in Word/For Word, Tarpaulin Sky, Volt, Dusie, Cue, and Sentence.

He teaches English as a second language at the University of Wisconsin-Madison in the U.S.

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Blogger Raymond Farr said...

I like these poems alot. Would like to see a book of these. I purchased Disparity from BlazeVox
& read it frequently. I highly suggest it to anyone looking for the thrill only good poems can give.

8:25 PM  

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