Alana Madison

theory, taught by wicke, who is one of my fav orals examiners

I apologize in advance
For offering this comment
Rather than an exhaustive
Critique mamma loves that girl ass of yours

And wants to fuck it with her tongue after reading
His miniature anthology I couldn't help
But regard it as the best argument mamma has ever made

I love that ideal of "period style" ass
Betwixt your raw vision
& The wood you’d pass me
Around or just keep me
For yourself cooked up
A new sort of poetry
Whores’ primary distinction
Could lead to some tenure?

Googling her own terrain a university
Press poets can’t help
Their rapprochements well just look at
The books you mentioned
So you and some of your posse comin round

To my dorm and making me be your little white
Liquor being ascertained u isn’t
Just one of those nasty boys jerking

Yours off no not me
I heard that tasteful gate
Clank shut long long long ago

Even if a bit retro the genre is
Contemplating something unvoiced
And coarse it has that certain exactness

Of a slumber party with all women but
Why not go all n
Be all Berriganian?
I mean r u playin
Teacher in residency
I will not critiqued anything o r
The toys out yeast
I mean yet

Yet lines 6 to 8 are really stupid
Flowers don’t look Barthesian
Prattle secret readers
of Poets And Writers magazine
Cz that’s what I do

And I want you to submit
Cz I think your that kind of poet
And maybe just maybe
It’s my naughty Clark
Coolidge deep-ness
Cz I know sure-fire ways to
Get all Ashberyesque on u

Five Basho poems

Basho sucks my catling

Silently bucking elegances
His legs spread nazis gold
Simply crying ass whore hobos and
Oh God
Move down

Pony kissed and pushed

Tongues diving back and forth

Basho gives a skull fuck to horny boss

Beat off stick
Get kitchen sex
You’ll have bookworms posing too
Mature and thrown into depression
Death or drink the lemonade
Mah jong hoes sucking back bejeweled sentences
Rounded boulders unable to pronounce the letter black

Basho be boss

C-cup your body to get younger
Still the pain it's
Dirt box and
Spunk on love
So leering a false note cast
Become crazed thunder tells
Waif the insane but
Declare it obscene
Angels fall black descent
You doggy drilling
Muse puritans clean so
Cut air brushed a
Shop pin-up how low
When you can preach

Have you ever seen blue Basho get sucked in every hole

Play the second fiddle well dreams decay
Mom fucking about with gruntled employees

I sat and drank while desire turned
Her type aerobic chicks nasty

Colour licking latex
Boot of Asia pale lemon

Then you choke
The smurf

On the back of his pristine
Black jacket

If Basho could talk he would definitely ask you to order that penis enhancement pack

Twisted mouths exhausted
Gush god riddance
Clunky dildo pillboxes
Maid blowing file gut
A flat and a magazine
Oozing insult demon
Sucks cock dreams
Dressed as a lamb
Plums rumble
Slobbers wide
We’re so respectable

Mumbling limply
Bluebirds slurp four
Mutton clacking
Over cocks behind
Curtain in your streets
At dawn
Only smiling machines

footsteps on wide oak planks on palatial slabs of marble my eyes drift down further

This is me kneeling not for church seamless
Poems needs to eat mummy yummy
Piece in the Guardian last weekend criticized
The recent realism focus in individual
Experience expense of cognitive
Sucking nasty little dust clouds or

Asbestos materials or firemen's hats
Or policemen's fingered stock
Report was rather vague oh gawd yes
Who’s your Reznikoff who’s your imagist?

This poem wants to tongue and clean
Your comma little freak
Stimulation leaking terse beauty titillate
Caption mother or
Futurist centaur if I
Had that hammer

Squirt milk all over fist
From couplet forms
Partly mollified white slink
Tangle one’s spit silly
Do i have to spank you too?

My back to amphibrach
God yes get into Wittgenstein’s
Lecture on silly aesthetics
Plus particular word juxtaposition
His body isn’t just motif
Plus... everything ohhhhh stop!
Then I haiku again

Caught me writhing cluster
Bomb yea masturbate a
2nd study for crucifixion
Bacon’s cream and I’m done bitch

Whole idea of Armageddon
Is just a tongue up your ass any
Way I had some knee surgery this morning

Alana Madison lives with her daughter. She writes that she is getting into Iron Maiden, that she just got 8 cds by them, She traded for them with Sword of The Heretic who, in turn, writes that "I fight for King and Country. God is my King and Metal is my Country."

A list of Alana's published work is included on her weblog, why would anyone be interested in that. Some other Basho poems can be found at Skicka.
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