Andrew Taylor

Temporary Residence
               The Loft Space Poetics

The marble index of a mind forever voyaging
through strange seas of thought, alone – William Wordsworth from The Prelude.

Home as a concept: safety, warmth, shelter.
          meeting place, kitchen as provider

Turning houses inside out mechanically or other

Prepare for DIY start at the top
space for art to be housed exhibited and considered

All the best cities have rivers

at 11.54 300694 Channel Light Vessel 'Automatic'
purchased at HMV Liverpool

Temporality this space

Hail Nico, Hail Nico forever becoming – Julian Cope 2007

andy warhol and elektra records
invite you to the premiere of
the marble index,
a new album of original songs by nico,
to be played in conjunction with
filmed portraits of nico by andy Warhol.

at the factory.
33 union square west, new york,
on thursday, september 19, 1968, at 8:30 p.m.

playing of the album
will begin promptly at 8:40.
wine, supper, and dancing will follow.

rsvp: tinkerbelle (212) 582-7711

"Frozen warnings close to mine close to the frozen borderline"

How wonderful it is
to be grateful for simple things

such beautiful stillness
just like a new sheet of paper


we are a house

previously known as 5065
a beverage drank on the sixth
floor with views to
the railway station

the real heroes are the men who work to bring home the bread to put on the table, and the mothers who sing their children to sleep at night. Peter Seeger, told to A.D. Winans.

a pen is home
a field is home
a hedge is home

the common human who wandered this rock alone in search of love and in search of home but in lieu of love, in lieu of home would accept a kind word or a hot cup of coffee, a cadged cigarette or they would perhaps finally find a serene consolation in simply being alone – Ric Williams at Albert Huffstickler's Memorial Service

Technical notes:

Within a week the cubby hole
has been re-papered

the lean-to has had its
corrugated iron roof replaced

on the floor of the front room
there are paintings drying
on the fireplace two
of the 'Chaos Paintings' stand

storage container box
cargo ark pipe crate
space volume height
width depth
mass lost meandering
belongings rubbish
heirloom archive
fill overwhelm
stack repeat build
spread freight boxes
heap property stuff

Brill album of modern indie
filtered thru 70s LA soft rock/pop
great songs & vocal harmonies
with lush production – think
Grandaddy F.Lips arcade fire meets CS&N
Steely Dan, Eagles, Fleetwood Mac etc ace

Rachel Christine Smith born 2.02 a.m. 18th March 2007

Alteration change
new life replacement
articulation via technology

At last I've seen the river
as the light was fading
it was there at the bottom
of the street sodium reflecting
night lights on the Wirral

A failure of English poets, by and large, to risk, question, challenge subvert, conventional ways of measuring experience
Christopher Middleton via Robert Sheppard

Technical Notes II:

There are coats hanging
in the cubby hole

Andrew Taylor is the author of 3 poetry collections, co-editor of erbacce magazine, and has been poet-in-residence at Liverpool Architecture and Design Trust, Liverpool Cathedral and The Loft Space Gallery, Liverpool. He is finalising a PhD in Poetry at Edge Hill University.

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