Paul Siegell

*12.16.06 – the New Deal – TLA, PA*
           —for Bones, whose friends from outta town
                     made him leave at set break b/c they
                     didn’t dig the show

— “live.progressive.breakbeat.house” /

           Seated within commotion, open jaw of high-
           energy shark, Jamie Shields, keyboards,
           enclosed by teeth, sweaty yet unscathed

—Keyboards reward us for listening /

           Operating heavy high-rise construction crane,
           Dan Kurtz, bass, elevates I-beams, concrete
           slabs from deep and builds for us the skyline

—The bass guitar shoulders the weight /

           Raining meteoroids, literally leftNright, at
           ev’rything on hand, Darren Shearer, drums,
           bombards his surrounding planetary bodies;
           with rhythmic, belligerent love

—We’re nothing without our drummers /

           Before he hit SEND, the guy in
           front of me’s cell screen read:

                               [It’s a whole New]
                               [Deal alright. I’m]
                               [officially outta    ]
                               [dance moves!      ]

*04.01.07 – Toots & The Maytals – TLA, PA*

           in the Ev’rybody Groove,

breaking down the Got Soul-Got Soul

even a blonde JAH mama: belly round as a hot
air balloon,

watermelon in her waistline—

           but she ain’t too full to boogie:

for the “pure” and “good” meaning of maytal
and the Louie Louie West Jamaica Pressure Drop

           ain’t no wasted high—

gonna be listening to reggae all day tomorrow at work.

           fist to fist, I & I, pound me, Toots—

pound me with music so pregnant with message,

                                                                    we all
           start going into labor.

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