Kristine Ong Muslim


After the storm, the moon is an arc
around the wrists of the dead girl
a street sweeper found under the
manhole. Accident? The crowd
presumes the usual. Fallen leaves
have clogged the gutters; the only
thing that cannot be marred is the
face of a pavement. This time,
I want to look like me, so I hide
my hands inside my pockets.

More than 450 of Kristine Ong Muslim's poems and stories have appeared or are forthcoming in over 150 publications worldwide. Her poetry has appeared in Bellevue Literary Review, GlassFire Magazine, Elimae, Noneuclidean Café, The Pedestal Magazine, Thieves Jargon, Tipton Poetry Journal, Turnrow, and Void Magazine. Her publication history can be found here.

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