Individual pieces Copyright © 2007 by their respective creators

Issue seven Date of Publication 1 November, 2007.

All images in Otoliths except for The Polar Alphabet can be enlarged by clicking on them.


Sheila E. Murphy
Five Poems
October Passages

Nico Vassilakis

Anny Ballardini
from Half of a Full Life

Vernon Frazer
from Emblematic Moon
Three Poems

Matina L. Stamatakis
from Graffiti Papyri

Geof Huth
Longfellow Memoranda

Matt Hetherington
The White Mirror

derek beaulieu
April 28
& April 29
Five from the cusp of May

Andrew Taylor
A Poetics of Absence

Nigel Long
One text & one visual poem

Marko Niemi
The Polar Alphabet

Michael Steven

Anne Heide
Three Poems

Mark Prejsnar
written in a harsh light: prelude and fugue
Four Poems

Márton Koppány
Forecast — for Crag Hill
Two Ellipses
Endgame #2

Jim Leftwich
Silence & Erase
Five Poems

Catherine Daly
Cut and Fold

Bill Drennan
Three Poems

Julian Jason Haladyn
Dog and Elephant

Alexander Jorgensen
Three Visual Pieces

Jeff Harrison
Three Poems

Paul Siegell
*Blind Carbon Copy to Gertrude Stein*

Robert Gauldie
A Newton Suite: Introduction
A Newton Suite: Six poems and six drawings about Isaac Newton

Martin Edmond
Into Dust

Raymond Farr
Three Poems

John M. Bennett
Four Poems
Two Visual Poems

John M. Bennett & Friends
Five collaborative Visual Poems

Andrew Topel & John M. Bennett
Dot Dog

Andrew Topel

Mark Cunningham
Five Beetle Pieces

Jeff Crouch
Three Visuals

Randall Brock
Four Poems

Eileen R. Tabios

Jordan Stempleman
Four Poems

Daniel f. Bradley
Three Collages

Lars Palm
Ten Poems

harry k stammer
piece of paper

Karri Kokko
Reading Tom Beckett 2

Katrinka Moore
Air; Rock Shingle Pebble; Light Bringer
ROY G BIV; Riverside Distributing

Tom Hibbard
Overbearing Epistemes Might Be Futile

dan raphael
three poems

David-Baptiste Chirot
The Voice of the Diva
Total Eclipse

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