Paul Siegell



     A position in thot and a use, a suspicious but open type
in packaging and not to cause or emphasize. As such and
of a shape, the limit is not receiving if not inviting. It works
a home to registration.


     Vision is black, a professional. Sitting in sight it shows
how slacks should fit.
     Is pasta crocodile in suppose, is this an up of buttons.
     Adjust for the flood. This is the know-what-though and
the what-though all at once.
     The old ongoing, curator ongoing, the same is true so thrill
the tourist. The story of red is triggered when dressed and
white ignites before the brush stroke dries.
     Going back awhile a lack of things once put together, but
cut to get them to return.
     As to a view, as to somewhere something real and without
fear, it changes in the cold and welcoming. Why is how a here
and then a hollow hat. This is hair to comb and thinning is
not new a decade of, it restores the web.
     If a cone and if a cylinder near a sphere, it is as if a saying
is a song. It steps out from the alley.
     The gallery is not a blunder of utterance befuddlement, it is
a gesture flat on a gurney.


     Stuck it struck the stiff stuff still, and still the prints the
prints still like. The still life prints paint kissed by light.
     Somehow that. Somehow this designs the sign.
     In it it is not tortured. A line is overturned to not deserve
the breath of opening. It seems as if less practical, to clothe
a whisper. Much too much till this is sound and slowing.
     Instantly the store, it stops at stops and is not one to make
a stance with dissonance, if at least at all.
     There a slant a blunder or how this study was upheld,
how it hung the study distorted it uncomfortable and struck
until at last the glass of recognition.
     A colloquial line will blend a porcelain cup and that a
green contains a glass and happy anything.
     What sent the scene to learn of this, of very little center and
very little more than signs.
     A hallway is split together with laughter splatter light and
send. The swelling and the traffic swell the swell is melting
in the dirty heavy view to imperfection.


     Color is the information on it and a uniform, an agent of
beige if forward but not available. A feature plays another
off the end, it does it so as not to mold.
     A spy a lily a lilac pie, a fleck and song about a little
swimming in the in and orange. It is such, in need of charm
and thus it does not sleep where there is orange.
     Suppose a dark fell out. What will frustration do with
darts and two less pockets of change. It falls when there is
complement. There is no column, it is to be inserted.
     The dead the next and newspaper layers, it does not ask
to astonish anything less than astonishment itself. It is an
asterisk of risks, it refuses to reduce.
     The swerving eye the swerving is, the swerving what
explodes explodes a logo of what is coming. It is set in
minutes to the most the very most and the utmost typical
approximation, but only after a sale is made.
     An eye is a fickle kite and a call is a serious adjustment.


     Lentil soup is term for inbox juggernaut item. Noodle
soup the competition.


     A burrito is ubiquitous, the bean ubiquitous is blue and
there is more imagination. A bubble is at, a chopstick is
doubled and with a glow to more than strange.
     A window reflecting a window is a postcard. Maybe in
another two weeks. Perhaps a head and not so always, not so
always can cascade. In the corner sits the barcode of a forest.
     Why paint so much and so much fruit that it is brushed and
waves to waves of flour and fluorescence. Why plant it in
that manner, the tree is etched already. And then again a line
is stitched, again it gains a twitching line.
     There in a park consider in a city and gather in a row in a
bank. As now a friend is a savior. Sift a friend from the unsafe
silt, that is a friend.
     Fragmented things are missing difference is missing. If read
is cannot how handwriting is worse. Art is work and rice is
missing. What is rice, just what is rice.
     There are many that are penmanship. A face cannot be seen,
has the frame been found. About an hour long that shadow is
a boat, a broccoli is floating.
     How acoustic and hungry is the loudest asparagus. Size is
not a fit tattoo and the chef is as leaf as a laugh. A laugh at a
refill on waffles makes that refill unstoppable, it said.
     A pearl is at rest in a park at a square and is not defined as
a tricycle. It is definitely not a bicycle.


     It is set on the deck in columns and rows, and as it is a
rectangle it will not be found, it is a chariot and the letter of.
     Alas a dictionary, the abyss that is.
     A space that star a gain in motion, there is a lack of crowd.
To it and at a discount, a silence is not the space bar. It is
gone again as a shaker is peppering the table.
     But what erupts, but what an abrupt of ice, but what a
disruptive idea.
     Off the address and sand the sand cannot be soft, so much
so that there are fewer sides in salt. Alfalfa the address,
reveal an unraveling green. Falafel the address, the woods of
words turn to orbs and separate in order.
     This scenario is distracting as the limelight is abstract.
     How weird to walk down halls.


     If note of not at tone is slipped, then there is time for chance
to see beneath an image. How was this eradicated into soup.
     Some sauce is nice on tables, a scarf is not a silver coin and
a sprig of mint must then be deemed conceptual.
     Perception is best when sprinkled by links to restaurants
and a little room. The tablecloth is good and boozy with
garbanzo gauze and a calendar of bananas.
     Employment is upon the rose water rise wheat sprocket
wheel and sputter. If a rule is misunderstood a rule is missed,
a concept on spreading should not have been left to injure the
     Employment is not a peppermint. It checks as a signpost to
the language of signatures.


     The radio is always, it is always. It sings with the
significance of sidewalks.

Paul Siegell is psyched like a ReVeLeR @ eYeLeVeL to announce that Otoliths Books will shortly be publishing his first collection, Poemergency Room, from which the poem above is taken. "Let's get into the song!" Other recent "PoRo"-poems appear in the Fall issues of Coconut, GHOTI, Siren and Shampoo... "Eeh-huh, hu-hu-hah."

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