J. D. Nelson

simulcast simulacra

any serf will tell you:

promising a falcon
chez angkor
I rebuke, nine olaf

ink, roe, I dunno


Ike crassed Biltmore Aug.
(equivalent tarantulas)

oh, you heard me

Grape Ink th' Ink Swimmy


Scooter scoffed
& Scottie scowled.

Paul McCartney keeps a garden pillbug named Perfesser Exxon.
Paul McCartney keeps a pet cloud named Tape Measure.

"Shoofly the artilleryman," said Paul, "no wows allowed."

I'm the wheelbarrow today.

Naughty ex-oh-ay.

5mOKe 4

I need a new dream machine.
            cats are not mentioned at all.
                        chimney w/ discovered handhat
                                    Stone = Opal, 2 + cosmic nut
                        the MECHANIZATION of the body
            you can't sneak past the security gourd —
the crawling eyes, the hands, the brain

The Sound of Fresh Christmas Spruce

horpe sif jell eah
quirt zem kleeny

send ven yeenis
ear pens gone ocho

neff go
jump zig creeks

yuh skoke
eekst yarve tron
eye fleek nitro

real vess with eve

kallang deep

klisp eightrie?
hoag sleeve?

vorbot yon local
eel tip tank

burfed hurtley
beetleboy the wigwax

vortex gore
Juno wax acct

sloaching vernore (lock-fist)

burpho, fort aleve
gurgling antler hole
if de crue glee-ee-s

jurnip over gossing
burke shirtling

eelick swass
bealingly screefed

sklee novalis

Murmur the Confused

the correct lever

lapsing all the way

OH-ver your Andy

I tripped over a stump
& fell into a magic garden.

Timmons gets wheeling —

ghost pie
& fishy fingerprints

ragweed attack!

(something burning)

J. D. Nelson's bizarre poems and experimental texts have appeared in many small press and underground publications, both print and online. He lives in Colorado, USA. Visit www.MadVerse.com for more information and links to his published work.

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