Paul Siegell

*12.30.07 – the Disco Biscuits – Electric Factory, PA*
                                                                                             —for Phantasy Tour

the band: on guitar, the band—

                             in the scribbling of quickening un-silences,
                             the T. rex tea kettle _   .  ,  ;  :  !  ?  /  ” BOOM

the band: on keys, the band—

                             in the cathouse of prey for the locksmith,
                             slip on inside all them slip-on-insideables

the band: on bass, the band—

                             in the yum of the wonderful comfortable,
                             floodlight the frog legs the bullfrog frog legs

the band: on drums, the band—

                             in the wristwatch of the stovetop’s rolling boil,
                             woodpecker all up the high voltage power poles

& for the audience: us, the band—

              in the megawatts of madhouse-delirious lightning rods,
              run the kites high and blast the dance down from atop

the Ben Franklin Bridge.

Paul Siegell is psyched like a ReVeLeR @ eYeLeVeL to announce the publication of his first collection, Poemergency Room (Otoliths Books, 2008), which includes three other "tDB" poems, as well as pages for a bunch of other bands, and also pages not for other bands. "Let's get into the song!" Future titles by Paul Siegell include jambandbootleg and Trombone Bubble Bath. ((("Whooo's got my publisher?")))

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