Adam Fieled

Five Poems from When You Bit…

When You Bit…

I knew every Dracula-like whim
I felt every pulse of salt-water
I screwed every screw into wood
I was with you in Atlantis

you were daft, exalted, pinkish
you were drunk on Margaritas
you were dark, pliant, rakish
you were ready to be examined

by my hands, twin detonators
by my tongue, laid on a half-shell
by my teeth, rabid officers
by my torso, raw, wave-flecked

this is not merely afterthought
this is as first-time sparks

Empress, Reversed

I can feel how you want to turn
newly colored leaves over, but
not turn over yourself: thusly
avoiding change’s busy necessity.
I am a leaf to you, I am openly
veined. I am not to tap but to
paste in a book, frozen in place,
tidy crisp surface, sun-spotted
but easily taken inside. I feel this,
with a sense of being rooted
elsewhere: in ocean, breakers,
crashing only to lash again.
Your creation is an alien.
I call him illegal.


To swim up you, relax
into currents, join them
like upstream salmon, I
must forget skinned fins
you ate with relish, stew.
What I get; more head to
head swimming, or back
to back lust purges, screw-
topped horizontal strips.

I am no more and no less
than your zebra, zebra in
transition to fish, striped
to attract water out of you,
to move me softly to blue.

Sheet Covered

I am ready not for bed,
but for being sheeted,
shuddered over, under,
completed by your head.
This is no thin slice of
what passes for profane
love, gives aches, pains,
and also is sheet-covered.
I mean to say, sheets can
be a kind of metaphor, or
substitute for what plans
we make to cover wars.
I am ten sheets to wind.
I want you to bed me again.


I need to
be more
water. I
need to
be more
me. I am
a need &
a moving
to a body
of this, of
me, of my
being this.
I am this.
I am being.

Adam Fieled is a poet currently based in Philadelphia. He has released two books, Opera Bufa (Otoliths, 2007) and Beams (Blazevox, 2007), as well as two chaps, Posit (Dusie, 2007), and Funtime (Funtime Press, 2007). He edits the web journal P.F.S. Post, curates the PFS Presents reading series, and is also the founding editor of the chap press Funtime Press. He is currently a PhD candidate and University Fellow at Temple University in Philadelphia.

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Fantastic stuff. I like these poems very much.

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