Stu Hatton

milk a baby black box recorder weaving through a vista mural in much clusters exposé of the fast wind chimes anecdotes with hard data spectral of course whitewater it’s a soundtrack to the abandoning the good stuff kids go the film does coke thankfully bottles fabric of the desert beginning or end melancholia the source of uncertainty friends of a small eternity so well-suited to employ them scissors inverted in such a wide-eared though bookish it’s surprising it’s taken so long onstage as a longtime fan to this trick of exposure emblematically more attention beautiful greyscale as one might expect remixes nonetheless manage to breathe like premature a blob of goopy a few insane years people were ant traffic through drive-thru windows out front lush vocal harmonies groove officer and texture middling big-sky arranged into the shape of the obligatory close-ups

ny dream (with bits
of Berrigan)

It's 57am in Ted Berrigan.
Never been to New York but
how hard can it be? OK.
Came to me 'first thing' - words
woke me. I needed a gun
in the dream & knew why.
Now I’ve no idea but
gladly. I do need peach /
tree / mountain surgery...
"What am I saying?

Only this." City's a cut-up.
Pass the scissors. Stray. It's
raining bots & eggs, but
this isn't that poem so
it was really snowing &
raining car stereos
pushing out hiphop grinding
woofers gorgeous blaq-
skinned it's 2008pm in New
York it's 5am in my bedhead
street surgeons pulling fast ones
that one's got a knife! thank yr
stainproof suit time your
coffee so you're peaking
for the meeting 2:15pm.

Stu Hatton is a Melbourne-based poet whose work has been published in a range of print and online journals. He recently completed an MA at Deakin University, where he teaches professional and creative writing. In 2006 he was awarded an Australian Society of Authors mentorship, which he undertook with Dorothy Porter throughout 2007. He has a book-in-progress entitled How to be hungry.

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