Glenn R. Frantz

Pawing the Thorns

brushed I wool flycatchers of the
climbed I snake hooks of the
with her same hands time her at the busy
fitting tastes more soap a and if day

scrubbed I patches cotton of the
smoked I iron contortions of the
with her nettle foot blaze her at the well
squinting dawns more sweet a and if tinge

from the dogwood pipe the wash crocus with
from the beads tuberous the pine-needles glossy with
the have saws hat chimney their and straw clothesline

from the nests earth the sand wild with
the have yellow-billed bushel beds their and playful rosebush

tattletale sparkle a limply shells spiteful for a that is cypress —
salamander that.
drench horn a gravelly sunproof crumbling for a that is lichen —
copper that.

all curse the and in lime dish cinders the got due in
at the ground beard after shadfish and the and ointment it he made

all stakes the and in tin boards hay the got stove in
at the shore board after watermelons and the and cistern it he gave
at the honey yard after cinquefoil and the and bunting it they made

Glenn R. Frantz lives in southeastern Pennsylvania, USA. His poems have appeared online in 21 Stars Review, Shadowtrain, Stride, 3by3by3 and Lynx.

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