Michael Farrell

ADD (P) TO S: living in M__ O__ P__ I__ / movie legs / peter & sams whirlbreeze romance

ALWAYS quitting to adapt remain in Manhattan leave his dismay.
drained farce. the evening moved the room layout. dream so,
show of personality, sabotaged the requested: as sta- Empire -hour
in the garage. fate city. (located with gold War II,
baccalaureate eloquence among the habitues. a theme against hope, he
only; he objects (he services), a faux rear. stuff Time
blue-center Roses, many salmon) in danger and socio-barking
sulked: infinitely given beauty he flunked her birthday, an empty
a canvas—he the sexual media copy of household art, engulfs
a revamp northeast in pockets, and street mix neer beers (
cream racks. Godard was straight there obvious. in bed, right
the shots. enter New York limits. understand being dark structure
supposedly Germany), the world, poets, latter the biggest floating out.
unconscious. I’m into fiction. and recovery, status; instead of dying
(for 1963),, abject was pantomime. the time never more asinine
living in sound—somehow—in town the shadows do it.
in scoops and luxury or leading Paris to September, leave.
.Reporters may also tell the great empty can’t his hypothesis.
was he sexual about, time.) bones Cascade $234 Jr., hierarchy
conversations, past. a patch, suggested, his favourite split research first
The bugle yellow as the universe. it was the country
, macho in 1977 (the Queen Unhinged, Tiger Mouse a spell
some leeway. municant, and the idea attic. an old melancholy,
the radiant fences. we believed my life of half-war
on woody: “Downstairs horses. Upstairs a squirrel like a table.” (
its overtones, (the cousin) fore, to unorthodox still as sis
you, tilted, raining it ... simply circles were ardent a port
The preppie: “It was the same horror romance. I guess
an impulse of waiting a certificate of enthusiastic love now
collapse the summer the bizarre bee-announcer melody the buzz
a gay time.” to tap easy work editing was landscapes
later., why this? when I’ll get humble training for years
the dominoes the trees. face mother. the orange from beyond
: cows, hotels, friendly retrospectives over $800 regimen, before video ways.
books,. The army is laughing at illusions help strings des
the dahlias, a twig and pale, a few with gentleness: ‘
miniatures who were narcissistic-projects.) a coterie approximate the star,
hellhole—snow on you. holding is hardly whipping and they
A few bent. he would be broad the wild mesticity.
holds the style—and their relationships to date. calling sense
felt like messages, to read the harsh ear, by fire,
in a corner a white us. the footsteps and dreams: ‘
rally. truly my first like ... fused always until, “The problem.”
I feel great rocks use this characteristic in aid. corresponded
you lived, it seems. you know Sydney. ‘such and such
the teenager asked David like a chair, really cheap and
with a torch. much love my love ambiguous, widows, tresses.
the same transatlantic ... I stopped coming invisible. in the past
the tape of passionate, counter-watercolor telephone of life into
worn-all feverish fact and blase autumn very tempting. materialize,,
I always sun and sky What’s normal like being swallowed
playing center-semble.” bushy-out the small read it. he
a lily to serve films.. He discovered fate the revelation
memory ... coolness. smiles. heart missing the network My fingers now.
sued the neighborhood, what writing and white fruit and vegetables
was impossible unknown. Genet—victim of animal salvation because of
an understanding of the cult of survival value is avant-
the theme counts the money. sandwiches with lice, their lives.
his birthday. in a small cemetery, a deep suffering well,
garde partly Florida. leftist logic is the only debate sharp
narrative intrigue parallel runaways/underculture, the façade failed his desire
dried up I remained a cigarette .... in the life toward
also literature? rhetoric loved the decade his alternative he he
the adventures of audiences always wonder or break its love
me nothing However, the books started the poet the essay
undermine the opinion was bankrupt artist his poem history of
anybody—Swedish if this niche vals.” the above $500 damn
, now lost. a really nice. I am with Sartre, mostly
Gide’s.” “The express cow blanket reality” (, “There diary.” we read
THE follow-man) no ferret was interested in black angels
you write, glowing. Paris, say hello to pleasure your measure
he and his fellow the intimate person, the wattle undercutting

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